Meaning of VERTICAL in English



1. standing, pointing, or moving straight up or down

2. to put something into a vertical position




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1. standing, pointing, or moving straight up or down

▷ vertical /ˈvɜːʳtɪk ə l/ [adjective]

▪ The wallpaper has vertical pink and white stripes.

▪ In some places the cliff was almost vertical, and much too dangerous to climb.

▪ The vertical line on the graph represents the time taken, and the horizontal line represents the distance travelled.

▪ a fairground ride that ends with a vertical drop of a hundred feet

vertically [adverb]

▪ a sheet of paper divided vertically into two

▷ upright /ˈʌp-raɪt/ [adverb]

in a vertical position :

sit/stand upright

▪ The ceiling was so low that he couldn’t stand upright.

hold/keep something upright

▪ Keep the bottle upright, in case it leaks.

▪ She sat quietly, her violin held upright in her lap.

▷ straight up /ˌstreɪt ˈʌp/ [adverb]

in a vertical direction, into or towards the sky :

point/rise/travel etc straight up

▪ The rocket shot straight up and exploded overhead.

▪ The towers of the hospital rose straight up from the edge of the highway.

▪ A thin crack running straight up the wall had appeared.

▪ At this point, the base of the golf club should point straight up into the air.

▷ perpendicular /ˌpɜːʳpənˈdɪkjɑləʳ◂/ [adjective]

perfectly vertical in relation to the ground, or in relation to another line - used especially in technical contexts :

▪ Behind them, there was a perpendicular wall of rock.

▪ Ensure that the plumbline is perpendicular before you start to draw the line.

perpendicular to

at an angle of 90 degrees to another line or surface

▪ In a graph, the x-axis is perpendicular to the y-axis.

▷ erect /ɪˈrekt/ [adjective]

in a very straight, stiff, vertical position :

▪ The headstones were all erect and orderly.

▪ The rabbit looked all around, with its ears erect.

sit/stand/walk etc erect

▪ The magistrate sat there, stern and erect, as the charge was read out.

▪ She holds her head erect, with her blonde curls falling down her back.

▷ sheer /ʃɪəʳ/ [adjective only before noun]

a sheer surface or slope is very steep, almost vertical :

sheer cliff/drop/slope etc

▪ The coastguard patrols paths at the top of high and sheer cliffs.

▪ I stood at the edge of the old chalk quarry, with a sheer drop of ten or twenty metres below me.

2. to put something into a vertical position

▷ stand up /ˌstænd ˈʌp/ [transitive phrasal verb]

to put something into a vertical position, especially when this is its usual position :

stand something up

▪ Tom stood the statue up and looked at it.

▪ Stand the wine bottle up for a few hours in a warm place before drinking.

stand up something

▪ The bartender had to go round standing up all the stools that had been knocked down in the fight.

▷ stand something on end /ˌstænd something ɒn ˈend/ [verb phrase]

to put something in a vertical position, when this is not its usual position :

▪ We had to stand the table on end to get it through the door.

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