Meaning of VERTICAL in English


I. adjective


a sheer/vertical cliff (= straight up and down rather than sloping )

Sheer cliffs defend the island.

a vertical dive (= going straight down )

His actions sent the plane into a near vertical dive.

the vertical/horizontal axis

vertical expansion

vertical portal

vertical/horizontal stripes




They are established by the extension of any of the budget segments backwards to the right-side vertical axis .

Concern for people is illustrated on the vertical axis .

In Fig. 11-7 the wage rates for labour in the two localities are shown on the vertical axis .

People become more important to the leader as his or her rating progresses up the vertical axis .

The vertical axis to the same scale represents elapsed time and the diagonal is drawn in as shown.

A leader with a rating of nine on the vertical axis has maximum concern for people.

The real wage is measured along the vertical axis and labour services are measured along the horizontal axis.

This locates the vertex of both tractrix and catenary and their vertical axis of symmetry can be erected.


Nucleotide matches are given as vertical bars .

Lolling behind a screen of vertical bars , girls in a brothel resemble animals in a cage.

Take great care not to delete any semi-colons, vertical bars etc.

In this case, the vertical bars must still be specified.

Note that the vertical bars must be included as part of the syntax, as they separate parameters within each keyword.

Sidebar a vertical bar positioned usually on the right hand side of the screen.

Instead of plotting each smoothed value as a point, a vertical bar of constant height centred upon the smoothed value is drawn.

The vertical bars show the region of H5 that has been built in the electron density map.


Behind there are vertical cliffs , a dynamic backdrop dwarfing the harbour to insignificance.

No vertical cliff guards this approach, although about 50 million basalt boulders do.

At the bottom of the Grand Canyon the oldest rocks of all are exposed in a gorge lined with vertical cliffs .


Start from a vertical climb directly downwind.


The vertical column is filled with glass beads or randomly orientated short pieces of glass tubing.

Each individual cell grows as a vertical column by inserting new cell wall material uniformly along its length.

Taking a clean sheet of A4 paper out of a drawer, she divided it into three vertical columns .

The vertical columns of Table 10.2 represent the department providing the resources and the horizontal rows the projects and activities using them.

The approximate vertical column has been obtained by dividing the slant column by 20.

Each function embraces three vertical columns , the centre one on its own and the other two shared with the other functions.


The vertical distance shows the amount of the tax.

Figure 18-1 assumes that this capital charge c k is given by the vertical distance .

H must be independent of z, the vertical distance across the layer.

Suppose the government levies a tax, equal to the vertical distance E *.

Social security contributions are now imposed upon the employer equal to the vertical distance D1D2, reducing labour demand to D1.


He then attacked a third which went down in a vertical dive , apparently into the sea.


It can not climb back from a vertical drop since it lacks the body diameter of the rabbit.


Opposing lines - the cross A vertical line is highly energetic in its defiance of gravity.

The point or date of the intervention is represented on the graph by a solid vertical line .

At the printing stage the four slightly different images are optically sliced into vertical lines .

There is a vertical line in spirituality that goes from the beast to the angel, and on which we oscillate.

This temperature drop is represented by the vertical line DD' in the phase diagram.

Install joist hangers on each vertical line , lining up the bottom of the hanger with the bottom of the ledger.

Interaction and communication mainly followed vertical lines - and was mainly top downwards.

Align to line up typeset or other graphic material as specified, using a base or vertical line as the reference point.


At the printing stage the four slightly different images are optically sliced into vertical lines .

Interaction and communication mainly followed vertical lines - and was mainly top downwards.

Then, using the basket-weave nozzle, pipe horizontal bands across the vertical lines .

If you would like deeper scallops, extend the length of the two vertical lines to suit.

Pipe horizontal and vertical lines evenly into the frame to form the latticed wired door.


Concurrent is also restricting its sales focus to seven vertical markets to maintain its profits.

There will be a development environment and beta versions of the complete environment tailored for vertical markets running up to its release.


A vertical plane remains parallel to the drawing surface and is true to scale.

The steering wheel can be adjusted in both horizontal and vertical planes .

A hydraulic fracture is generally expected to propagate in a vertical plane in a direction perpendicular to the minimum horizontal stress azimuth.

There are still blemishes, subtly dished characters show quite visible stepping in the vertical plane but the overall results look excellent.

It also had a balancing mechanism contrived from two arching tubes at right angles to one another in a vertical plane .

At that point, and that point only the vertical plane will be true to scale in the perspective drawing.


Wedges are used under the former to get the vertical position exactly right.

Additionally, when a horizontal-head centrifuge stops. the tubes fall from the horizontal to the vertical position .

The rear gunner was killed by that burst, as his gun swung up to a vertical position as he slumped down.

The sit-ups start with the back off the board, and end before the upper body reaches the vertical position .

Either iron boots or weights are strapped to the ankles and the legs are raised to an almost vertical position .

Press slowly to the vertical position .

The shark can not suddenly twist them to a vertical position to act as brakes.

Pull evenly back to the vertical position , concentrating on the chest muscles all the time.


The result is an intarsia chart that needs only be joined for the vertical sections .

Instead, the Cut / Copy Rectangle command used the exact position of the cursor to define the vertical section of text.

Splicing new wood into a vertical section of frame may involve removing glass.

Columns are defined as vertical sections of text separated from other text by tab or tab-align codes.

Elevations and vertical sections are treated similarly.

Rectangles are any vertical sections of text.

Here a vertical section is being sprayed with water prior to recording by photography and drawing.


The result was the Yosemite that tourists see today, jammed with awe-inspiring plutons with rounded tops and steep, vertical sides .

As a result the trench was neat, with straight vertical sides and a flat bottom.


Thin vertical stripes and a drawstring waist make this divided dress ideal for the fuller figure.

Perhaps so, but if this is the case, why should vertical stripes be selected as the particular zebra pattern?


The battens should be screwed loosely into position and then checked to see if they present a flat vertical surface .

Walls: Being vertical surfaces these can present special problems because chemical run-off is sometimes faster than the contact time required.

He also tends to urinate on vertical surfaces so that some liquid is lost to evaporation and absorption.

Verticals are erected from the plan to provide vertical surfaces that are not true to scale.


Soon they were between vertical walls and the river was roaring mud.

Low-head dams are vertical walls along stretches where there is a drop in elevation.

Above, the cleft was barred by vertical walls forming a difficult obstacle, demanding care and attention.


vertical integration of the industry

vertical stripes

a vertical management arrangement

a fairground ride that ends with a vertical drop of a hundred feet

a terrifying vertical drop of 3,500 feet

In some places the cliff was almost vertical , and much too dangerous to climb.

The vertical line on the graph represents the time taken, and the horizontal line represents the distance travelled.

The wallpaper has vertical pink and white stripes.


Any plate tectonics model of the Andes must in fact account for the uplift essentially in terms of vertical tectonics.

Print the following vertical four-part sections in the same way.

The concern of this chapter, however, is with vertical inequalities - between social classes, ethnic groups and the sexes.

The nystagmus may have a vertical component.

The rear gunner was killed by that burst, as his gun swung up to a vertical position as he slumped down.

The result was the Yosemite that tourists see today, jammed with awe-inspiring plutons with rounded tops and steep, vertical sides.

II. noun


Air photographs, particularly verticals, are likely to show village earthworks which can then be checked on the ground.

But over the 2, 360-foot vertical , they add up to 39 miles of skiing, or 480 acres.

Erect verticals upon the odd numbers, 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.

The same misinterpretation of the gravity vertical is possible in a co-ordinated turn.

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