Meaning of AMOUNT in English


I. noun


a huge amount/sum/quantity etc

huge sums of money

a tremendous amount of

This plan could save us a tremendous amount of money.

an amount/a length of time

Customers only have a limited amount of time to inspect the goods.

an equal number/amount

Both candidates received an equal number of votes.

considerable amount/number etc of sth

We’ve saved a considerable amount of money.

copious amounts

He could drink copious amounts of beer without ill effect.

double the amount/number/size etc

We’ll need double this amount for eight people.

double the size/number/amount etc (of sth)

A promise was given to double the number of police on duty.

enormous amount of

an enormous amount of money

excessive amounts of sth

I was staying up late, consuming excessive amounts of coffee.

generous amount/helping/measure etc

a generous helping of pasta

inordinate amount

Testing is taking up an inordinate amount of teachers’ time.

insignificant number/amount

large amounts

those who drink large amounts of coffee

limited number/amount/time etc

There are only a limited number of tickets available.

maximum amount/number etc

Work out the maximum amount you can afford to spend.

modest amount

She had saved a modest amount of money.

predetermined level/limit/amount etc

a predetermined level of spending

prodigious amounts/quantities of sth

Some galaxies seem to release prodigious amounts of energy.

sizeable amount/number

a sizeable amount of money

small amount

a small amount of money

the exact amount/number/figure

I don’t know the exact amount, but it was a lot.

twice the size/number/rate/amount etc

an area twice the size of Britain

varying amounts

Tap water may contain varying amounts of rust, grit and silt.

vast amounts/numbers/quantities/sums etc (of sth)

The government will have to borrow vast amounts of money.

The refugees come across the border in vast numbers .




With a certain amount of ingenuity she can even use the balloon to steer herself by pointing it in various directions.

This caused inconvenience and a certain amount of grumbling-what was taking so long?

Therefore a certain amount of matching can always take place: contracts to buy can always be matched with contracts to sell.

With a high turnover of owners, a certain amount of skepticism has been built into the rooms.

They're contested, and require a certain amount of scientific literacy, which politicians seem to have even less of.

No matter how much I may exaggerate it, it must have a certain amount of truth.

A certain amount of violence occurred between supporters of Rauti and Fini.

This calls for good spirits and good morale and also a certain amount of what was once called dogged determination.


In these ways a considerable amount of knowledge of the landforms of the most explored regions has slowly accumulated.

As is shown in Figures 15. 1c and 15. 2c, a considerable amount of waste crosses State lines.

A&E staff spend a considerable amount of time in this type of work.

There is, in fact, a considerable amount of intellectual insecurity in the press room.

A considerable amount of time and money has been spent in pursuing the study of river basin dynamics.

Conversely, the use of reliable and valid selection methods can save an organisation a considerable amount of money.

But even after that long-winded exercise, a considerable amount remains.

Ordinary people have lost a considerable amount of confidence in the authorities.


Great electrical bursts of dazzling blue and purple light explode behind copious amounts of dense smoke which obscures the entire stage.

The most important thing you can do is to drink copious amounts of water.

Her intestinal symptoms progressed and she vomited copious amounts of fluid every two to three hours.

In one of my bags was a three-day supply of food and copious amounts of Pepto-Bismoj.

He could drink copious amounts of beer without ill effect.

No wonder Great Groups engage in water fights, drink copious amounts of beer, and arm wrestle.


An enormous amount of detailed technical evidence on groundwater was presented during consideration of the earlier Bill.

But what impressed me most was the enormous amount of sheer wasted space everywhere I happened to glance.

There is an enormous amount of pressure on me.

But, in fact, an enormous amount has been learned, particularly in the past ten years.

In practice it involved an enormous amount of administration also.

In that busy summer of 1933, Rice and his fellow academic utopians accomplished an enormous amount .

The different approaches to industrial development have absorbed an enormous amount of resources and effort in the postwar period.

WIiile they could work, those girls earned enormous amounts of money.


The first half was pretty even with both teams having equal amounts of play.

The Port is considering supplying an equal amount .

Approximately equal amounts of each are powdered and mixed together thoroughly.

Top each with an equal amount of the yogurt and nutmeg.

In spite of its quantitative sound, political equality never means having an equal amount of any chosen characteristic.

Partners should contribute an equal amount of time to their business.

The many gods do not share equal amounts of power.

Rub spots with an equal amount of toothpaste and baking soda on a damp cotton cloth.


That involved a fair amount of travel.

In the second generation this movement back and forth produced a fair amount of strain.

Mr Broady painted a frightening picture of considerable violence and a fair amount of popular hostility to the police.

People are taking the elections with a fair amount of cynicism.

It prefers a fair amount of nutritious detritus.

It may take hours to get it started, a fair amount of cursing and a few swift kicks.

The local Station served the surrounding community and carried a fair amount of passenger and freight traffic.

Thanks to the inherently leaky nature of the water industry, there is already a fair amount of information to go on.


Or offer to pay what you think is fair - not the full amount .

He says he found Scott had underbid one item by about $ 8, although it charged SunTran the full amount .

The first woman spent the lot, the second spent half and banked the rest and the third invested the full amount .

In other areas, social services will collect and pay the owner the full amount of money due.

In other words the tax is not spread over previous transactions, but is charged on the full amount of the sale.

Why he did not pay the full amount must remain a mystery.

Parties will then negotiate as to whether once the limit is exceeded the full amount or merely the excess is claimable.

And when she'd learned the full amount of the financial sums involved Laura hadn't felt too cheerful either.


Darwin considered that male traits were strengthened by use and were transmitted in greater amounts to male offspring.

Puebla has three hundred and sixty-five churches and in the world that is the greatest amount in one place.

The follow-on P6 will represent an even greater though unstated amount of investment.

By far the greatest amount of empirical research on democratic attitudes has been done in the United States.

Employees posted to areas with a harsh climate generally receive greater amounts of leave than those in less severe climates.

The more violent the oscillations the greater the amount of parasitic genetic material.

Arcane bookkeeping procedures, however, probably conceal an even greater amount .

Aristocrats may be rich and own a great amount of land, but they have no real power any more.


Surely even an idiot must realise that they wouldn't donate this huge amount out of the goodness of their hearts.

This is a huge amount: cutting the work-week to four days would result in only a 20 percent reduction in commuting.

They have become smaller, faster and able to store huge amounts of data.

Seemingly minor calculations multiplied into huge amounts .

The constituent parts of this promise do not seem to add up to a huge amount .

The only answer is activity. Huge amounts of activity.

Medicine differs from many other professions, however, in the huge amount of teaching expected from all of its practitioners.

A final requirement is switching hardware and software to move huge amounts of data effortlessly over such a complex network.


Either keeping personal creditors accounts or making sundry creditors adjustments can consume inordinate amounts of administrative and accounting time.

We were spending an inordinate amount of time sending people to different meetings and not knowing what was going on.

In the Soviet context an inordinate amount of attention has been paid to the willed aims of Bolshevik leaders.

But in reality, seat-side service is only feasible for those with teeny appetites and an inordinate amount of patience.

That is why the social anthropologists are justified in devoting such an inordinate amount of attention to the field of kinship.

But the Minnesota Timberwolves, who own the fifth pick, have shown an inordinate amount of interest in Nash.

They devote an inordinate amount of time, effort and resource to developing high-calibre managers.

We found ourselves spending an inordinate amount of time in the chariot, chasing hither and yon.


Thaksin needs a large amount of funds if he is to honour the populist promises that got him elected.

Drugs are pouring across in larger amounts .

The letters can be chosen so that unwanted ones differ from the target by larger or smaller amounts .

At some of the larger hotels the amount was said to approach six thousand.

But major eruptions involve much larger amounts of energy.

For one thing, digital photographs hold extraordinarily large amounts of data.

Mr Goldring said Miss Lowe had been injected with a very large amount of insulin.

Mitt Romney, the former Republican Senate nominee who contributed large amounts of his private fortune to his campaign against Sen.


The centres are essentially for advice and usually offer only a limited amount , if any, of further assistance.

These notes are largely extracts and only contain a limited amount of comment.

A major restriction in the cementation brass-making process was the limited amount of zinc which could be introduced into the alloy.

The limited amount of discussion that members of the Working Party were able to hold with colleagues suggested a certain defensiveness.

They are not capable of enjoying more than a limited amount of leisure.


Accepted students will be informed in admission letters of the maximum amount required, which may be payable on enrolment.

This is the maximum deductible amount for business mileage.

But this is the fight that is going to give me the maximum amount of respect.

No minimum or maximum amount has yet been set for what each system or eligible branch might receive.

At the local level, too, there were calls for the maximum amount of latitude in self-administration.

Their impeccable timing was usually designed to cause the maximum amount of ego deflation.

This ensures that the maximum amount of pitch is available for landing.

Nor does anybody know what the maximum amount of life-enhanced matter that our sun could support is.


If your graphs and charts are showing an overall decrease in weight, then you know you are eating the right amounts .

Definitive crust and right amount of chewiness inside.

We can assess all the relevant factors for you, and produce the right amount of cash at the appropriate time.

Endless bowls of hot tortilla chips are accompanied by a fresh salsa spiked with just the right amount of cilantro.

If you inject the right amount you could feel like you had six glasses of your favourite tipple.

In the spring they planted wheat and potatoes, and the weather was fine, with just the right amount of rain.

Once the right amount is in the cylinder, another push on the lever sends the chemicals into the tank.

Her secret combination of just the right amount of yeast, cinnamon and vanilla will never change, she said.


The presence of significant amounts of haemoglobin F has a protective effect against sickling and such individuals express relatively mild disease.

Obviously, such a drastic revision created a significant amount of tension at the plant.

In certain branches of engineering, liaison with clients and their sites can mean a significant amount of travelling for the engineer.

Even after prolonged secondary hyperaldosteronism, human sweat still contains significant amounts of sodium.

If there is a significant amount of blood in the urine.

We should reclaim our leadership position by immediately sending a significant amount of food aid.

Pumps in the backpack circulated water round the pipes without loosing significant amounts .

Significant excretion of solute-free water can not occur unless significant amounts of solute and water reach this point.


Orfe are ideal inhabitants for a planted pond, as they only eat small amounts of plant material.

This means finding alternative routes to success, and it means measuring and treasuring success in small amounts .

Better to feed small amounts at regular intervals.

Cook over medium heat until a small amount dropped in cold water forms a ball.

Even so, $ 50 million is a very small amount to reach six billion people.

If necessary, add a small amount of milk to make spreading consistency.&038;.

Earlier this month police in Brixton, south London, abandoned prosecuting people found with small amounts of the drug.

It is desirable, therefore, to feed small amounts of food often rather than give them single large meals.


Indeed, if you have followed through all the exercises in this book, you have done a substantial amount of work.

We are continuing to examine evidence and following up on a substantial amount of information that we are receiving.

Several Cowboys, most notably cornerback Deion Sanders, are due to receive substantial amounts of money that year.

The actual outcome will almost certainly exceed this by a substantial amount .

Conversely, many younger people will be the first generation in their family who can expect to inherit substantial amounts .

Perhaps she would brighten up now that she had another substantial amount of cash to spend.

BThe group has done a substantial amount of work that business owners appreciate.


If you dislike the aroma, you have only wasted a tiny amount of essential oil.

A tiny amount laced in a letter can be lethal.

You will find a tiny amount will go a long way.

In this form of diabetes, the pancreas stops making insulin or makes only a tiny amount .

Garlic, for example, must only be used in tiny amounts or it will blister the skin.

He takes the bottle from Julio, holds it close to his eyes and examines the tiny amount of rum remaining.

Vitamins and minerals are only needed in tiny amounts for good health.

A shower of debris including tiny amounts of blood from torn retinal vessels causes floaters.


I eat tremendous amounts of bread and jam and bowls of cornflakes with cold milk - delicious!

Because each film will take up a tremendous amount of computer disk space, only one will be available at a time.

Both games showed the tremendous amount of work needed in the Republic to restore the team to the top in international terms.

Muddying the issue of how much pirated software is on the Internet is the tremendous amount of software legally available to download.

There is also a tremendous amount of shared support amongst girls themselves.

It creates a tremendous amount of conflict and dissatisfaction within the marriage.

So I had a wonderful time filling in for him, and in the process learned a tremendous amount .

Some high technology products require a tremendous amount of computer programming during the design phase.


Ocean racing is big business involving vast amounts of money.

They were tying up vast amounts of capital in their trucking and warehousing operations.

He said it cost a vast amount to build each new mile of motorway.

The vast amounts of money are then laundered through the world's finance systems.

The open choice of options accompanied by such a vast amount of student-centred learning provided challenges for both staff and students.

He will simply rotate gently between the counter moving sheets. Vast amounts of labour will be saved.

First, the state is now in charge of vast amounts of administrative and political information which is of direct relevance to individuals.

The problem was more one of having to absorb a vast amount of information in a short space of time.



He was then able to start taking fluids by mouth in gradually increasing amounts .

Simplifies tax filing for thousands of middle-income Californians by increasing the exemption amounts used in calculating the Alternative Minimum Tax.

In addition, an expanding Kingston required increasing amounts of fruit and market garden produce which are currently the main products.

In 1993, they increased the amount of merchandise purchased abroad by about 7 percent while holding the line on total purchasing.

Staff will probably spend increasing amounts of time on devising simulations and developing assignments.

And for fourteen years, Nucor had paid a dividend to its stockholders, increasing the amount of the dividend each year.

Brown algae is generally an indication of quite low lighting levels and increasing the amount of light will overcome this problem.

When those goals are respected, we may have the opportunity to spend increasing amounts .


But the response must be limited to the amount of force necessary to protect them.

We want to limit the amount of time they are on there.

It is these very services which can disable people, limiting the amount of real choice they have in their lives.

He might also try to strictly limit the amount of time he spends there by scheduling other activities around his drinking.

They limit the amount that has to be grasped in any one utterance.

The second proposal would allow employees a limited amount of time off per year in return for working overtime.

This constraint would effectively limit the amount of vehicles that a firm could service. 2.

San Antonio agencies limit the amount of food dispensed and the number of people they serve, according to the survey.


We have raised more than the amount stipulated, and we plead with them to keep their side of the bargain.

What is more, with the momentum his way the president is raising awesome amounts of money for Democratic campaigns.

It seemed that we could just about raise the amount of the offer we had decided upon and still avoid bankruptcy.

Dole flew on to Los Angeles for a dinner anticipated to raise a similar amount .

For take-off the tail should only be raised a small amount .

Both major parties raised large amounts of soft money for use during the presidential campaign.

This ought in theory to have raised the amount demanded by Wolsey, but would have taken much longer to collect.

These surface bursts raise vast amounts of dust.


It copies its elders and, by holding to its own task, reduces the amount it has to remember.

Superior Court Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki has 120 days to decide whether to reduce the money amounts .

Of particular interest are genes that reduce the amount of a substance called lignin, or that weaken lignin's chemical structure.

It also will reduce the amount of unrestricted stock to be issued in the transaction.

This is supposed to reduce the amount of herbicide used in spraying fields, but in practice the converse happens.

It would also reduce the amount of internal conflict we had within the organization.

Pruning trees is a good way of controlling their growth, and reduces the amount of water extracted from the ground.

The deficit also is growing because of an economic slowdown that has reduced the amount of taxes collected, government officials say.


a ball-park figure/estimate/amount

a fair size/amount/number/bit/distance etc

But a fair number of them went on to greater things.

It prefers a fair amount of nutritious detritus.

Scientists must proceed cautiously, moving ahead only with the assent of a fair number of their colleagues.

Thanks to the inherently leaky nature of the water industry, there is already a fair amount of information to go on.

That involved a fair amount of travel.

There was a fair amount going on.

They'd have a fair bit of tidying up to do before they left.

You may also be involved in a fair amount of travel.

a goodly number/sum/amount etc

It seems fair to assume that she will attract the attention of a goodly number of our countrymen.

Small Dave had spent a goodly amount of time impressing upon him the importance of finding a camel.

The Thatcher Years have been splendid ones for a goodly number of golf members throughout this Royal and Ancient land of ours.

amount/come to the same thing

And even if it is not significant, it has the potential to be so-which amounts to the same thing.

And literature will amount to the same thing: all writers are copycats.

At once she thought: I could have taken two thousand, three - it would come to the same thing.

Or rather, politics and morality come to the same thing.

Or they act as if they do, which comes to the same thing.

Since it formed a halo over the puck, did that amount to the same thing?

The public purse would not get anything; after all, it all comes to the same thing.

When electrical currents flow they produce magnetic fields and so it is possible that these two therapies amount to the same thing.

it doesn't amount to a hill of beans

total number/amount/cost etc

Additional disk space is a dollar or two per megabyte per month, depending on total amount.

Microcell bid only in southern Ontario for a total cost of $ 19.2-million.

Multiply the number of widths by the number of pattern repeats per drop to give the total number of pattern repeats required.

The total amount of contributions and tax paid by each employee is entered on the P35.

The total cost has been several million pounds more than budgeted.

The total number of jobless rose to 615, 830 from 609, 670.

The total number of registered voters was 1,732,000 aged 16 and over.


He expects to spend a similar amount on getting his daughter through college.

He knows an enormous amount about Italian paintings.

He was fined $300,000, an amount that would ruin the average householder.

Heinz Co. acquired the ailing food company for an undisclosed amount .

Please pay the full amount by the end of the month.

She has a pension, and receives a small amount from her ex-husband.

The amount of calories a person needs each day is determined by the type of work they do.

The amount of car crime seems to be on the increase.

The amount of tax you pay depends on how much you earn.

The judge reduced the amount of money awarded to the victim.

The water here contains small amounts of calcium and other minerals.

There is growing alarm at the amount of violence on the streets of our city.

Try to reduce the amount of fat in your diet.

We spent an astonishing amount of money in town today.

Work out the amount you spend each month on food and clothes.

You must pay the full amount in advance.


Children love to feed the fish, but you must make sure they understand the importance of giving the right amount .

Losers are often very numerous and lose large amounts of their income.

Marshall had taken to calling it the rumour factory because a disproportionate amount of time seemed to be wasted on chatter.

Of particular interest are genes that reduce the amount of a substance called lignin, or that weaken lignin's chemical structure.

The pillars of coal left behind were compressed, releasing large amounts of an explosive mixture of air and methane called firedamp.

There seemed to be no limit to the amount of alcohol the jar would produce.

They spent small amounts of money on load limitation experiments, but decided to do nothing.

This is because the key factor in their diet is the amount of seafood they eat daily.

II. verb


But human ingenuity and intelligence, plus what may amount to an instinct for symbolism, comes to the rescue.

During 1981 - 2, three instalments were issued amounting to more than 2000 pages.

For within market relations two new kinds of control, amounting in some cases to dominance, have become apparent.

However, opponents charge that the new Internet regulations amount to unconstitutional censorship that would criminalize expression protected by the First Amendment.

It is uncertain whether words alone can amount to an assault.

She is now unable to work and receives benefits, including invalidity benefit, amounting to approximately £90.00 per week.

Without that, no talks will ever amount to more than the briefest of encounters.

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