Meaning of AMOUNT in English

I. əˈmau̇nt

( intransitive verb -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English amounten, from Old French amonter, amounter, from amont upward, from a- (from Latin ad- ) + mont mountain — more at mount

1. obsolete : ascend

2. : to add up : reach a total — used with to

the bill amounted to 10 dollars

total casualties amounting to over a thousand

3. : to be really or practically equivalent : attain in effect or significance — used with to

anxiety that almost amounted to agony — Mary W. Shelley

an act that amounted to treason

II. noun

( -s )


a. : the total number or quantity : aggregate

the amount of the fine is doubled

: sum , number

add the same amount to each column

the amount of the policy is 10,000 dollars

b. : the sum of individuals

the unique amount of worthless IOUs collected during each day's business — R.L.Taylor

c. : the quantity at hand or under consideration

only a small amount of trouble involved

a surprising amount of patience

2. : the whole or final effect, significance, or import

the amount of his remarks is that we are hopelessly beaten

3. accounting : a principal sum and the interest on it

Synonyms: see sum

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