Meaning of BENCH in English

I. noun


front bench




Six boys from the front bench were selected.

They were the first couple in parliamentary history to sit on a front bench together in either House.

The Opposition front bench , and most of the other Opposition benches as well, would be occupied by the Conservatives.

This aroused the resentment of almost the whole front bench , but Wigg's hostility was not evenly spread.

Nigel Jones, who won Cheltenham for the Liberal Democrats has been named front bench spokesman on housing and local government.

Kinnock reshuffle brings back Clare Short and puts more women into traditional male jobs Boateng first black to join a front bench .

Of the 20 parliamentary members at the Liberal Democrat leader's disposal, all but one will now sit on the front bench .

It has the usual seating arrangement three seats across the front and bench seats along each side of the back.


I do not believe in patronage even from the Labour front bench .

The experiment, which had caused some worry, particularly on the Labour benches , was entirely successful.

As I rose to answer there was a roar of laughter from the Labour benches .


There was a long wooden bench under the window, littered with instruments and jars.

The long benches were replaced by two and one reversible cushioned seats, with longitudinal seats in the corners.

Later we stretched out on the long benches of the White Horse Farm, comparing our bruises and recounting our 30-mile epic.

Diners share long benches and slurp huge bowls of noodle soup or stir-fried plates.

There, women sat squeezed together on long wooden benches .

In the workshop, overlooking the sea, there is a long ex-grocery bench that came from Ingrid's grandfather's shop.


Mavis said, sitting at the piano bench .

There was an upright piano and a piano bench .

Monk shares the piano bench with Horace Silver, a most extraordinary moment in jazz history.

But she was advertising from the piano bench and specializing in private sessions to augment her income after her musical workday.

The tea tray landed on the piano bench , and I set the empty Brown Betty pot teetering on the piano keys.

We got five Little Flock hymnals out of the piano bench and picked out two songs.

When she tires, she nods to her sister, who slides on to the piano bench next to her.

Her sister plays until she can no more, and then another woman glides across the room and on to the piano bench .


And as the camera glides, it passes a couple sitting on a single, simple wooden bench overlooking the garden.

We crossed Main Street and went into a little park, sat on a wooden bench under a huge scraggly tree.

The approach to the bar's terrace was guarded by two old women taking the sun on a wooden bench .

In the meantime I enclose a selection of wooden bench designs.

The sides are lined with narrow wooden benches .

There was a long wooden bench under the window, littered with instruments and jars.

Because the wooden benches were filled with sleeping soldiers returning from war.



So he walked to the park and sat on the park bench and let his thoughts pass through his head.

And so, Janir, pronounced Ja-NEER: two syllables put together on a park bench on the day of his birth.

In the space next to William on the park bench there is a Sunday newspaper, as yet unfolded.

Old friends Sat on their park bench Like book ends.

I just sat on the park bench and watched him dragging that potbelly around.

Apart from that it's park benches and dark archways.

Like what the crazy old lady on the park bench in front of the Regency said that day.


The pecs respond fairly quickly regular training, especially the bench press .

I caught sight of Bobby doing bench presses on a Universal machine near the far wall.

There are two variations on the bench press - the incline bench press and the decline bench press.

The incline bench press puts more emphasis on upper pec development and the decline bench press gives more low pec development.


The car had a bench seat in the front and smelled of warm leather and old cigarette smoke.

Grunt Six and the other captain sat on the bench seat facing forward.

I had given my replacement my helmet, and I sat on the bench seat deaf and dumb.

Here are old buses with wooden bench seats , and farmers riding donkeys.

It was wonderfully open inside, with wide bench seats and all the room in the world.

The outboard-facing chart table is particularly well thought out with a bench seat for the navigator built into the engine box.

There is a large bench seat in the rear which will accommodate two adults or three smaller people at a pinch.


I climb out and pick up the wood arrow, minus its red sucker, from beneath the stone bench .

Penny sat on a stone bench in the middle of the cavern to rest.

Behind a screen of scented orange-blossom was a little arbour with a stone bench , and she took refuge there.

I sat down on a little stone bench across from the long gray building and waited for the time to pass.

In 1967, my wife Ann made a drawing of Stenness, including a stone bench across two stubby, central columns.



There were the unfinished shoes for Emily Grenfell lying on the bench , the amethysts agleam against the softness of the leather.

The thin, card-sized plate of the AE-35 unit lay on the bench under a powerful magnifying lens.

When she regained consciousness she was lying on a bench with her future sisters-in-law looking down at her.

One of the cameramen had picked the paper up at lunch, and left it lying on a bench .

Adjustable bench Many exercises are performed either sitting or lying across a flat bench.

The Malleus lay on the bench of every judge, on the desk of every magistrate.

As they lie on the benches within arm's reach, the foliage compositions initially shock by their scale.

It looks like the same sort of swarf that's lying under Orrie's bench .


The captain invited us brusquely to sit on a bench before the table and hurried out of a side door.

We crossed Main Street and went into a little park, sat on a wooden bench under a huge scraggly tree.

I sat down on the bench and leaned back against the wall.

Penny sat on a stone bench in the middle of the cavern to rest.

In a separate incident, a pensioner was knifed in the head as he sat on a street bench .

They sat down on a bench under the orange-trees and he put his arm about her and kissed her.

They ordered gins, and sat on a wooden bench before a wooden table, while Karen admired the place.

A boy of sixteen, Charles sat on the bench by the window.


a long wooden bench

a team with a strong bench


Across the hall from us is another bench , and it leads to that metal door.

He pulled himself up, half-sitting on the bench that he had grabbed.

In some areas they were able to further the cause of reform through their positions on the bench of justices.

Ranulf sat slumped in the bench beside him, groaning and muttering at his master.

The congregation shifted on their benches, moved their feet.

We crossed Main Street and went into a little park, sat on a wooden bench under a huge scraggly tree.

Who can contribute from the bench ?

II. verb


Anderson has been benched for three weeks until his injury has healed.

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