Meaning of BENCH in English

vt to furnish with benches.

2. bench ·vi to sit on a seat of justice.

3. bench ·noun the seat where judges sit in court.

4. bench ·vt to place on a bench or seat of honor.

5. bench ·noun a long seat, differing from a stool in its greater length.

6. bench ·noun a long table at which mechanics and other work; as, a carpenter's bench.

7. bench ·noun the persons who sit as judges; the court; as, the opinion of the full bench. ·see king's bench.

8. bench ·noun a conformation like a bench; a long stretch of flat ground, or a kind of natural terrace, near a lake or river.

9. bench ·noun a collection or group of dogs exhibited to the public;

— so named because the animals are usually placed on benches or raised platforms.

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