Meaning of EXACT in English

I. adjective


a direct/exact equivalent

The word has no direct equivalent in English.

an accurate/exact translation

The most accurate translation of the word would be ‘master’.

exact a price formal (= make someone suffer )

The success of the nation’s businesses has exacted a dreadful price from the people.

exact replica

an exact replica of the Taj Mahal


It's about 10 metres by 8 metres - I don't know the exact measurements.

This special equipment allows us to make very precise measurements.

exact/precise/true nature

The exact nature of the problem is not well understood.

exact/wreak revenge formal (= take revenge )

He was exacting revenge on society.

precise/exact details

Precise details of the evidence presented at that meeting have not yet been revealed.


The term ‘stress’ has a precise meaning to an engineer.

the exact figure

The government was unable to give the exact figure for the number of foreign workers in the country.

the exact/precise date

I can’t remember the exact date we moved into this house.

the exact/precise moment

Her stomach chose that precise moment to make a loud noise.

the exact/precise/direct opposite

My own experience says that the exact opposite is true.

the exact/same/very spot

the exact spot where the king was executed

the right/exact word (= the word that has the meaning you want )

He struggled to find the right word.




She didn't know Geoffrey's exact age , but the gap couldn't be less than five or six years.

The exact age of the mill is not known, although the present foundations are no older than c1450.

First, they establish the exact age and duration of these climate shifts.

No member of the family knew her exact age and whatever they might have guessed she would have denied flatly.

No-one knows for sure the exact age of the tree.


It continually updates so that you can see the exact amount of bytes free along with a graphical representation of the percentage free.

The exact amount would depend on the amount of time spent connected.

The exact amount is decided by Parliament and usually revised each year to take account of the rise in prices.

They declined to provide an exact amount but said it totalled just below $ 400,000.

To help fund the changes there will be extra money from Central Government but the exact amount is not yet known.

The exact amount of historical detail will again depend on individual needs.

The exact amount depends on the quality of resolution with which the images are rendered.

Any rigid scheme that means exact amounts of specific exercise must be carried out each day is usually doomed to failure.


The Staffordshire authorities are carrying out an inquest into the accident to establish the exact cause of death.

The exact cause of hypercalcemia in this disorder is poorly understood.

The exact cause of the complaint has to be ascertained.

Which is good, because pinpointing the exact cause of a flu-like malaise is often more art than science.

The exact cause of this latest M-Forty tragedy may never be known.

Surprisingly perhaps, linguists currently have little understanding of the exact causes of language change.

Rumours that he had been deliberately poisoned were generally discredited, but the exact cause of his death was never established.

It, however, seems necessary to carry out further research into adaptation to prismatic distortion in order to isolate the exact cause .


At the exact centre of the castle lay a vast, bare courtyard.

The north and south winds met where the house stood, and made it the exact centre of the cyclone.

The Kha-Khan's palace was in the exact centre of everything.

The single model in the exact centre is hit.

The penguin walked to the exact centre of her shrinking ice-floe and sat with her eyes shut.


But nowhere was there a mention of the exact circumstances in which they had been found.

The exact circumstances of the ensuing events are difficult to establish.

The exact circumstances concerning the building of the monument are not known.

To know the exact circumstances of the building of the monument to James Macrae is of no consequence.

Letterman has forgotten the exact circumstances .


It was a particular, exact colour .

The program will attempt to match the original colours of the picture but an exact colour match may not always be possible.

I was then sure that the brush was holding the exact colour the painting required.


Only where an exact copy is required is it important to have an exact match for timber.

The Rossi style is so revered that construction of an exact copy was deemed presumptuous.

Does An exact copy of a Michelangelo statue lose artistic merit because it doesn't have his name on it.

It was an exact copy of the house he built twelve years ago down to every last thing in all the rooms.


Details of exact dates of birth and death recorded here provide information not available in any public record. 24.

The exact date for the closing has not been set.

The exact date of the beginning of our post-imperial era is, however, relatively unimportant.

D., continuously increase toward an end-the Second Comingwhose exact date in the future remains unknown.

The exact date of its original building is disputed but it probably stems from the late fifth or early sixth century.

The exact date was etched in memory because it was Day Five of my aborted Month of Celibacy.

Nor is it so regular that we can trust to it altogether to fix the exact date of any given work.

Peres is expected to announce an exact date next week.


By the solid building up of crisp and exact detail .

The exact details of an emerging Bio2 ecology, he warned, were beyond predicting.

They refused to give exact details of which chairmen will be going into the Treasury and when.

The exact details are negotiable and depend on the circumstances of each deal.

The exact details of these changes are not yet clear.

The exact details of Gordon's further service with other Cleveland and South Durham newspapers aren't clear.

The exact details however were still being worked out.


There is no exact equivalent of Taking the Side of the Other.

Both printed and online forms of the bibliography are exact equivalents when conducting author searches.

The basic spiritual treatment of eating disorders is the exact equivalent of that for Chemical Dependency.

Copper pipe - actual sizes Mathematicians among you will notice that these are, in fact, not exact equivalents .


Clients are apt to minimise numbers of assignments, whilst headhunters maximise them, and neither are willing to divulge exact figures .

No exact figure on how much revenue this generates could be obtained from state tax officials.

The exact figure remains undisclosed, but will be the same as Mr Leigh-Pemberton's pay over the past year.

State biologists estimate its statewide population at 4, 000 to 6, 000, but exact figures are not known.

But for the writers and early translators of the Gospels, it was a very precise term, denoting a very exact figure .

Rounding up from 0.3871, the more exact figure , to 0.39 gave Craig an unearned bonus of I 1.07 votes.

In practice neither scholars nor officials ever have sufficient evidence to put forth an accurate, exact figure .

It is impossible to give exact figures for non-returners for a number of reasons.


The exact form of the dominance relations within a group of hens depends on the size of the group.

As we have said, the exact form of union activity in Work-place 2000 is unclear.

We do not yet know the exact form the correct theory of quantum gravity will take.

We shall be looking at its exact form later.


This question helps us determine the exact location for the various types of work that will be done.

If the exact location of the incident is known the team members go directly to it.

Nor should application developers have to code into their applications the exact locations of resources over the network.

One of the problems Steve has encountered is finding the exact locations of where some of the equipment was installed.

Give a copy to your removal firm together with a description or map of your home's exact location .

The exact location is important, as are details of when the accident happened and how far some one has fallen.

Their exact location can be determined by using the line ferret with or without a transmitter fitted to its collar.


More often than not, browsing is presented to the user by default when the system fails to provide an exact match .

An exact match will be sufficient to convict the farmer of a pollution infringement.

If it can't find an exact match it will go the closest.

In logical nets, generalization depends on chance exact match between some portion of the retinal image and a training instance.

Only where an exact copy is required is it important to have an exact match for timber.

As she touched his skin a noise escaped from Edward, an exact match for what he felt.


Nurses frequently have difficulty in conveying the exact meaning of messages to patients and relatives.

Choice of words and their arrangement in sentences to convey exact meaning are therefore vital in the activity of communicating.

Others were disturbingly abstract, and Hawk could give her no clue as to their exact meaning .

The Government have been woolly about the exact meaning of their proposals.

Correct punctuation is neither an irrelevant luxury nor a pedantic affectation: it conveys and alters exact meaning .

First, what was the exact meaning of the title?

Discussions of the exact meaning of autonomy are absent in the debate between holists and individualists.


The exact mechanism behind this systemic effect remains to be elucidated.

Much research is now aimed at discovering the exact mechanisms by which alcohol may harm a developing fetus.

The exact mechanism of Hastings' fall is, however, less important than the motives behind it.

The exact mechanism for this effect is unknown.

The exact mechanisms for the Fund's administration have not been finalised.


But prosecutors in the Anwar Ibrahim indecency trial knew the exact moment of the chauffeur's trauma.

I can tell you the exact moment he fell in love with her.

It is difficult to trace the exact moment at which he decided that the military situation was hopeless.

He looked up at the screen at the exact moment Rocky gave himself the name he would henceforth carry.

The user has to judge the exact moment to stop.


Mystery still surrounds the exact nature of the accident.

Starr would not comment on the exact nature of the new evidence, which Howard now holds under seal.

Awareness of the exact nature of her surroundings was alarming.

He took on several enterprises, but their exact nature was always obscure and there were no evident profits.

There would be time to work out the exact nature of its functioning later.

What was the exact nature of the social and political elite that dominated state and society at this time?

By clarifying in your own mind the exact nature of these positions you can enter into bargaining with much greater confidence.

He had remembered the story even if he had forgotten the exact nature of the secret signal.


Because of the secrecy of the proceedings, nobody knows the exact numbers of those executed.

While he did not provide exact numbers , that could mean cuts affecting hundreds if not thousands of positions.

Above all, the exact number of armed Islamists is not known.

I was trying to calculate the exact number of hours which the motion allows the Committee to spend debating the Bill.

It is impossible to determine exact numbers and these estimates do not allow for the many hangers-on.

Out comes my pocket calculator to work out if I have an exact number of repeats.


John Major, he said, had the exact opposite of the Midas touch.

Gloraida Malave, for example, was the exact opposite of Mones or Abukar.

This may not always be so - indeed, the exact opposite may be the case.

By temperament, Straus was an exact opposite of the slide-rule engineers who had guided the Bureau during its forty-odd years.

It is the exact opposite of the truth.

I said, which was about the exact opposite of what I really thought.

He was lively, witty and darkly handsome - the exact opposite of George.

Its exact opposite said that none of this meant anything at all.


Galileo was humiliated in Rome in a manner that has no exact parallel in Protestant countries.

That story has an almost exact parallel with one in the life of Haydn.

There are no exact parallels between languages. 3.

In this there is an exact parallel with sufferers from Chemical Dependency denying the severity of their illness.

The goblet, which has no known exact parallel , was probably made in Murano, an island near Venice.


Plans, sections, and even models were made, and the exact position of every object was recorded.

Instead, the Cut / Copy Rectangle command used the exact position of the cursor to define the vertical section of text.

The exact position doesn't matter as long as the N1 cam lies between the point cams.

The crest was so rounded it was impossible to pinpoint the exact position of the infamous La.

Their hand-held satellite navigation systems told them their exact position to within 15 metres.

This method also makes it easier to plot the location of finds since one's exact position is always known.

As one they made for the door, but had two dozen different recollections of its exact position .

Now I come to think of it, she was rather vague regarding his exact position with the company.


We can rearrange Gary Oldman's hair into an exact replica of yours.

But trying to find an exact replica of the Virginia garden would be a pedantic exercise.

In reality, however, Netanyahu signed an agreement that is an exact replica of the old one.

Actually, scientists say that cloned animals will not be exact replicas of their progenitors.


The exact requirements of natural justice can vary depending on the particular situation.

All the products can be personalised to the client's exact requirements .

This will give the exact requirements for the system that you are going to buy.

The exact requirements of the mortgagee to be contained in the conveyance or transfer should be ascertained.

All Strachan fitted furniture is expertly crafted to your exact requirements in our own workshops.


Any honest guitar maker will admit that making acoustics is no exact science , but an unpredictable art.

The equation that determines housing appreciation is far from being an exact science .

Systems analysis in general - and data analysis is a branch of systems analysis - is an art, not an exact science .

Diagnosing power in organizations is not an exact science .

The way he went on anyone would think we were engaged in an exact science .

Living is never an exact science and we invariably over reach ourselves and destroy the balance of things.

Nor have I been encouraged ever since to think there's an exact science .

To listen to many authorities on nutrition, you might think that eating is an exact science .


Their boffins used sophisticated hospital scanners to mould the exact shape of Schuey's head to within one-tenth of a millimetre.

The bundle in her hands was large and round, the exact shape and size of a human head.

The exact shape of the engine bell has to be very carefully designed.


The exact size of the word list should depend on the recognition application.

Much depends on the exact size , energy, and location of the impactor.

Cut out the bump to the exact size of buckram.

An area certain to generate debate in the coming weeks is the exact size and shape of any tax cuts.

You will need pelmet buckram and bump to equal the exact size of your pattern.

The exact size of its staff is secret but was estimated at about 20,000 in the early 1980s.


What is the trade-off in terms of cost and time between an exact solution and an approximate one?

It is convenient to consider separately in this chapter a number of other exact solutions that satisfy this same condition.

This approach leads directly to various methods for generating further exact solutions .

Having made these general remarks, we may now briefly review the new exact solutions that have been presented.

In specific cases exact solutions of the stress distribution resulting from a given distribution of surface traction can be found.

Digital computers were designed for exact solutions of mathematical equations.

The first section is concerned with simple systems, where an exact solution of the wave equation is possible.


He wasn't interested in an examination by torchlight of the exact spot where Harry Lawrence and the contact had fallen.

And at Niagara, guides pocketed tips by pointing to the exact spot where Sam Patch had made his last successful leap.

Hundreds of temple volunteers ensured that you were seated in the exact spot marked out for you.

The exact spot on the bridge table the gold vase belonged.

They selected the exact spot which bisects exactly the continents and oceans.

You can shew me the exact spot and that will save time.

All I could see was the posts and the exact spot centrally between them where I was going to touch down.


Because games may vary slightly in length you may not start at the exact time given.

Through astrology one could be forewarned of the exact time of his coming.

You will have to weigh it again once it is stuffed for an exact time .

The exact time taken by the computer to reach the target doesn't matter.

So the exact time - and day - of this statistically important happening depends very much on where it was recorded.


I don't know the exact words .

Primo senses she has said these exact words to newly arrived visitors before.

Although Maggie couldn't make out the exact words , she knew they were from both sides.

That she kept screaming these exact words and weeping had been placed on her record as the manifestation of a childhood delusion.

You could not print the exact words used, but there were expletives.

Perhaps from his seat in the dug out he was unable to hear the exact words , however.

I can't remember Nick's exact words but Ray's comment inspired him more than upset him.

For a moment he couldn't remember his exact words .


put a figure on it/give an exact figure

sth is not an exact science

Diagnosing power in organizations is not an exact science .

The truth is that eating is not an exact science and never will be.


"Can you tell me the exact time?" "It's 6.37."

an exact replica of a 900-year-old Buddhist shrine

Doctors do not know the exact cause of the disease.

I can't remember her exact words, but this is the gist of what she said.

I don't suppose you have the exact amount of money, do you?

It's not an exact likeness, but it's recognisable as my father.

It is difficult to determine the exact number of homeless people.

It took her about an hour - 58 minutes to be exact .

She's wearing the exact same dress I bought last week!

The exact time is 2:37 p.m.

The exact weight of the baby at birth was 3.2 kg.

You need to give me the exact measurements of the room.


And the exact timing is simply the Vadinamian way.

At 80, you are the exact opposite.

Finding out the exact proportions and method of preparation will take some time and be a very tricky operation.

Give a copy to your removal firm together with a description or map of your home's exact location.

More often than not, browsing is presented to the user by default when the system fails to provide an exact match.

That same family, with the exact same buying power, would have been forced into the 40-percent bracket by 1980.

The analysis thus involves the exact description not only of the language of the text, but also of its content.

The bill does not, however, specify the exact procedure for notification.

II. verb




When de Raimes had exacted his revenge he would hand her over to his knight, who would complete her destruction.

In fact, the farmer was so mean to this young man he determined to exact revenge .


The end might now be in sight, but the Eiger had exacted a grim toll for the right of passage.

Among the jazz artists, drugs and liquor have exacted a terrible toll .

But this case appears to be exacting a greater toll .

Analysts say the steep price markdowns that retailers took all month will exact a heavy toll on profits.

Outsourcing and restructuring continue to exact a heavy toll even in the tight labor markets of the mid-1990s.

Fulfilling some aspects of the accord is exacting a heavier toll on the United States than many expected.


Adults forget that most children really do want to grow up, if only to exact their own small revenges.

Among the jazz artists, drugs and liquor have exacted a terrible toll.

But like all strong magic, it exacts a price.

Indeed, they may have to be manufactured to exact customer specifications.

It is not exacting with regard to temperature and is suitable for tropical as well as cold-water aquariums.

Payment was to be exacted through a land tax or rent set by the republics according to the quality of the land.

Yet each was built by hand to exacting standards.

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