Meaning of EXACT in English

Synonyms and related words :

accurate, appreciative, ask, ask for, assess, attentive, badger, be hurting for, be indicated, blackmail, brook no denial, burden with, call for, careful, challenge, charge, charge for, claim, clamor for, close, compel, conscientious, conscionable, constant, consummate, correct, critical, cry for, cry out for, delicate, demand, demanding, detailed, dictate, differential, direct, discriminate, discriminating, discriminative, distinctive, distinguishing, enforce, enjoin, even, exacting, exigent, express, exquisite, extort, extract, faithful, fasten upon, fastidious, faultless, fine, finical, finicking, finicky, force from, freight with, full, fussy, gouge, have occasion for, heedful, identical, impose, impose on, impose upon, indent, inerrable, inerrant, infallible, inflict on, inflict upon, insist on, insist upon, issue an ultimatum, lay, lay on, leave no option, levy, levy blackmail, literal, make a demand, make dutiable, mathematical, methodical, meticulous, micrometrically precise, microscopic, minute, narrow, necessitate, need, nice, oblige, order, order up, orderly, painstaking, particular, perfect, picayune, pinch, pinpoint, place, place an order, precious, precise, precisian, precisianistic, precisionist, precisionistic, prerequire, pro rata, proper, prorate, pry loose from, punctilious, punctual, puristic, put, put down, put in requisition, put on, put upon, refined, religious, religiously exact, rend, rend from, require, requisition, right, rigid, rigorous, rip, rip from, saddle with, scientific, scientifically exact, screw, scrupulous, scrutinizing, selective, selfsame, sensitive, set, severe, shake, shake down, snatch from, special, specific, square, squeeze, stick for, strict, subject to, subtle, tactful, take doing, take no denial, task, tax, tear from, thorough, tithe, TRUE, undeviating, unerring, very, want, want doing, warn, weight down with, wrench, wrench from, wrest, wring, wring from, yoke with

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .