Meaning of EXACT in English

I. igˈzakt, eg- verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English exacten, from Latin exactus, past participle of exigere to drive out, demand, exact (payment), weigh, measure, from ex- ex- (I) + -igere (from agere to drive, lead, act, do) — more at agent

transitive verb

1. : to demand and force or compel (payment, surrender, concession, performance, compliance) : wring , extort , wrest

from them has been exacted the ultimate sacrifice — D.D.Eisenhower

qualms which exacted rites of expiation — John Dewey

2. : to require despite difficulty or reluctance : call for as necessary, appropriate, or desirable

a task so delicate exacts the scholar and philosopher — B.N.Cardozo

3. archaic : to draw (as a meaning) out : extract

intransitive verb

obsolete : to practice exaction

Synonyms: see demand

II. adjective

( often -er/-est )

Etymology: Latin exactus, from past participle of exigere

1. : exhibiting or characterized by strict, particular, and complete accordance with fact, truth, or an established standard or original : devoid of any addition, subtraction, or other variation from fact or a standard

the exact time

not only is exact description difficult — Aldous Huxley

an exact account of the quarrel

extremely exact in conduct

2. : characterized or marked by thorough consideration or minute measurement of small factual details usually leading to incontestably true conclusions : not incomplete or approximate

a power of intuition greater than that of an exact investigator — Havelock Ellis

the exact measurements of physical science

Synonyms: see correct

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