Meaning of EXACT in English


/ ɪgˈzækt; NAmE / adjective , verb

■ adjective


correct in every detail

SYN precise :

She gave an exact description of the attacker.

an exact copy / replica of the painting

We need to know the exact time the incident occurred.

What were his exact words?

She's in her mid-thirties—thirty-six to be exact .

The colours were an exact match.

He started to phone me at the exact moment I started to phone him (= at the same time) .

Her second husband was the exact opposite of her first (= completely different) .

➡ note at true


( of people ) very accurate and careful about details

SYN meticulous , precise


( of a science ) using accurate measurements and following set rules

SYN precise :

Assessing insurance risk can never be an exact science.

►  exact·ness noun [ U ]

■ verb [ vn ] ~ sth (from sb) ( formal )


to demand and get sth from sb :

She was determined to exact a promise from him.


to make sth bad happen to sb :

Stress can exact a high price from workers (= can affect them badly) .

He exacted (= took) a terrible revenge for their treatment of him.

►  exac·tion / ɪgˈzækʃn; NAmE / noun [ C , U ] ( formal )



late Middle English (as a verb): from Latin exact- completed, ascertained, enforced, from the verb exigere , from ex- thoroughly + agere perform. The adjective dates from the mid 16th cent. and reflects the Latin exactus precise.

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