Meaning of EXCESS in English

I. noun


excess baggage (= baggage that weighs more than you are allowed to take on a plane )

Passengers will be charged for excess baggage.

excess weight (= the pounds that make you heavier than you should be )

You'll feel better if you lose the excess weight.


carry sth too far/to extremes/to excess

It was funny at first, but you've carried the joke too far.


The '80s were a period of excess for many American businesses.


Altogether, the totals are greatly in excess of available funds.

At the same time, the excess is not merely eliminated.

His thirty-minute ramble was greatly appreciated by all present, as it enabled many to sleep off their pre-meal excess of Nettles.

If you must drink, do so to excess .

The AFL-CIO also has spent in excess of $ 10 million to organize its election-year drive.

The growth of a population results from the excess of births over deaths as well as the movement of people between regions or countries.

They loll about in gorgeousness; they live for art; they believe in excess .

This excess of price over both marginal revenue and marginal cost is a convenient measure of the firm's monopoly power.

II. adjective




William McCabe, who's sixty-three, is charged with driving with excess alcohol .

Todd yesterday admitted driving with excess alcohol and failing to stop and report an accident.

Despite indiscretions induced by excess alcohol , relations between Stewart and Glenure had not broken down irretrievably.

At an earlier hearing, he'd pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol in his blood.

He admitted driving with excess alcohol but said he shouldn't be banned.

He's charged with causing death by dangerous driving, failing to stop and report an accident and driving with excess alcohol .

The most frequent effect of excess alcohol intake on serum lipids is elevation of triglyceride levels.


With hips at 44.5 inches and thighs at 25 inches, it was no wonder Rudolph had been complaining about excess baggage .

When you had those you could drop, junk and forget the rest, which were only a burden or excess baggage .

And psychically speaking, I can't help feeling they carry a little too much excess baggage .


The crash also pushed down the output-capital ratio, by an average of one tenth, as excess capacity mounted.

They have, in effect, invested in excess capacity , though whether this was deliberate or accidental is harder to judge.

According to company secretary Lawrence Bland, the aim was to get rid of excess capacity .

First, the assumption that there is no excess capacity is particularly suspect.

Such a large amount of excess capacity must severely impair the effective functioning of the accelerator.

And higher education has enjoyed excess capacity .

With excess capacity and falling profits, firms are likely to cut their investment plans this year.

Shearson yesterday blamed the continued slowdown in market activity and excess capacity for the redundancies.


All ludicrous examples of local councils wantonly spending excess cash are gratefully received.

Banks are generating record profits and using excess cash to buy out competitors and repurchase their own shares.

Firms raised more external finance than they needed, using the surplus to repay bank debts and build up excess cash .

Stock Repurchases Companies sometimes repurchase their own stock with excess cash rather than pay a dividend.

The next figure of interest, the excess cash sum, is misleading, to say the least.


Similarly, at interest rates below Oi l, the excess demand for money exerts upward pressure on interest rates.

In short, there is a I 5, 000-bushel shortage of or excess demand for, corn.

If the price level should rise, the real wage would fall, creating an excess demand for labour.

The excess demand is illustrated in Figure 16.2.

Another consequence of the artificially stimulated excess demand for food was the creation of black markets.

It must be stressed that this equilibrium involves no excess demand or supply of any investment asset.

If the ith labour market initially experiences excess demand money wages will rise at a rate.

Faced with this excess demand , the authorities had to ration credit.


The fried bread surrounding the bacon in the hot plate was simply to create effect and mop up the excess fat .

Spoon out excess fat from the roasting pan, and put the pan on top of the stove.

Trim any excess fat from the lamb, leaving the skin untouched, and rub the joint with salt and pepper.

Wipe off all excess fat and slice thinly to serve.

Trim spare ribs of any excess fat , then place in a large roasting tin.

Skim off excess fat from pan, and add shallots, juniper berries, and bay leaves.

Fry the pork in the pan until well browned, then drain off any excess fat .

Spoon off and discard excess fat .


The semiconductor devices are all fairly sensitive to excess heat , so don't fry them during soldering!

Much as perspiration cools our own bodies, the sweat of the earth is whisking away the excess heat from its interior.

Mounted round this fairing were the eight radiators used to vent the excess heat produced by the fuel cells into space.

It would offer protection from excess heat as well as from nasty chemicals.

This impairs the circulation which then means that the body can not lose excess heat .

This controls the proximity of any adjacent parts which might be affected by excess heat . 6.

Fuel consumption rises proportionately and excess heat is likely to be generated.

The horse therefore must have a mechanism to remove this excess heat build-up to prevent his body temperature increasing with fatal results.


Cook the lamb Drain off the excess marinade and reserve, then pat the lamb steaks dry with kitchen paper.

Wipe excess marinade off quail and grill quail, skin side down, over hot coals for 4 to 5 minutes.

Wipe off excess marinade before cooking.


Davies criticised the DoT severely for failing to claw back excess profits on any subsequent sale.


Similarly, if the price level should fall, the real wage would rise, creating an excess supply of labour.

Traders said intensifying worries about falling prices and excess supply have sent investors scurrying from the semiconductor sector.

Initially we assume that there is excess supply in both markets.

The result in this case is a 10, 000-bushel surplus or excess supply of corn in the market.

On the other hand, if the initial state is one of excess supply money-wages will fall at a rate.

However, a surplus or excess supply still exists and competition among sellers will once again bid down the price of corn.

In particular, the real wage will adjust spontaneously soas to prevent the emergence of excess supply in the labour market.

The excess supply of money in the domestic money market will push down the rate of interest.


They provide an effective way of eliminating excess water and salt, and are very safe when properly used.

Use a sponge to clean up the excess water .

The excess water is transferred to areas well away from the square by large-gauge hoses.

Drain off excess water and mix in the seasoning, nutmeg and yoghurt.

Drain the excess water in a cloth but do not re-wash.

This gives a moisture retentive medium, but allows excess water to drain from the roots.

Torrents of water pour into the Ouse River System, sluice gates open and excess water floods the meadows.

Blot wet hair with a towel to remove excess water before applying an intensive conditioner.


Mission designers are very thorough in eliminating any excess weight from the spacecraft.

The excess weight made him look as if he had one normal-sized face superimposed on a much larger one.

You will already be feeling fitter, healthier, and be starting to shed the first few pounds of excess weight .

I was also concerned at the tendency of some to downplay the effects of excess weight on health.

Losing excess weight entails cutting down on the things you enjoy.


Excess vitamin D can cause kidney damage in young children.

Cut any excess fat from the meat before cooking.

Cut off the excess fat from the meat before cooking.

The excess pounds had given him a double chin and a neck that made his shirt collar look too tight.

The airline charged me $75 for excess baggage.


If the discount exceeds 20 percent, the excess amount of the discount allowed is considered a taxable wage.

In which case it will be able to re-discount the bill to similar institutions who have excess liquidity.

Studies show that excess doctors tend to generate extra tests, appointments, procedures and referrals.

The excess weight made him look as if he had one normal-sized face superimposed on a much larger one.

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