Meaning of EXCESS in English

[ex.cess] n [ME, fr. MF or LL; MF exces, fr. LL excessus, fr. L, departure, projection, fr. excedere to exceed] (14c) 1 a: the state or an instance of surpassing usual, proper, or specified limits: superfluity b: the amount or degree by which one thing or quantity exceeds another "an ~ of

10. bushels"

2: undue or immoderate indulgence: intemperance; also: an act or instance of intemperance "prevent ~es and abuses by newly created local powers --Albert Shanker" -- in excess of : to an amount or degree beyond: over

[2]excess adj (15c): more than the usual, proper, or specified amount [3]excess vt (1974): to eliminate the position of "~ed several teachers because of budget cutbacks"

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