Meaning of EXCESS in English

n. & adj.


1. the state or an instance of exceeding.

2 the amount by which one quantity or number exceeds another.

3 exceeding of a proper or permitted limit.

4 a the overstepping of the accepted limits of moderation, esp. intemperance in eating or drinking. b (in pl.) outrageous or immoderate behaviour.

5 an extreme or improper degree or extent (an excess of cruelty).

6 part of an insurance claim to be paid by the insured, esp. by prior agreement.

--attrib.adj. usu.

1. that exceeds a limited or prescribed amount (excess weight).

2 required as extra payment (excess postage).

Phrases and idioms:

excess baggage (or luggage) that exceeding a weight allowance and liable to an extra charge. in (or to) excess exceeding the proper amount or degree. in excess of more than; exceeding.

Etymology: ME f. OF exces f. L excessus (as EXCEED)

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