Meaning of LOSS in English



a failure/loss of nerve (= a situation in which someone lacks the courage to do something )

They accused the government of a loss of nerve.

a huge loss/profit/increase etc

a huge increase in cost

a lack/loss of morale

Rising sickness levels among your employees may show a loss of morale.

a loss of confidence

As people age, they may suffer from a loss of confidence.

a sense of loss (= a feeling of sadness for someone or something you no longer have )

Many women experience a sense of loss when their children leave home.

bemoan the lack/absence/loss of sth

an article bemoaning the lack of sports facilities in the area

hair loss

The drug can cause hair loss.

hearing loss

Many older people suffer from some degree of hearing loss.

incur expenses/costs/losses/debts etc

If the council loses the appeal, it will incur all the legal costs.

the heavy losses incurred by airlines since September 11th

insure (sth/sb) against loss/damage/theft/sickness etc

It is wise to insure your property against storm damage.

job losses/cuts

The factory is closing, with 600 job losses.

loss adjuster

loss leader

loss of blood

She suffered a massive loss of blood.

loss of earnings

The insurance policy covers you for loss of earnings due to illness.

loss of employment

Closure of the factory will lead to a substantial loss of employment.

loss of habitat

Elephants are menaced by poaching and loss of habitat.

loss of income

You can buy insurance to protect you against loss of income if you are ill.

loss of memory/memory loss (= when you cannot remember things )

The condition can cause dizziness and memory loss.

loss of memory/memory loss (= when you cannot remember things )

The condition can cause dizziness and memory loss.

loss/lack of appetite

Symptoms include fever and loss of appetite.

I’m a bit worried about her lack of appetite.

mourn sb’s death/loss/passing

She still mourns the death of her husband.

net loss

The company reported a net loss of $56 million last year.

profit and loss account

sell sth at a profit/loss (= make or lose money on a sale )

Tony had to sell the business at a loss.

suffer a loss

Both companies have suffered heavy financial losses.

tragic loss

Lillian Board’s death at 22 was a tragic loss for British athletics.

weight loss

After the first month, weight loss slows down.




Madrid: The construction sector showed the biggest losses as the index slipped 1.31 to 323.31.

But this big loss to Vanderbilt shows her just how vulnerable the team is.

A big loss of foreign business, they reasoned, would matter more to the political leaders.

Just weeks after reporting one of its biggest losses in company history, Apple Computer Inc.

If he does retire to concentrate on his medical duties it will be a big loss .

Netscape posted the biggest loss on the index, falling 3 1 / 2 to 137 1 / 4.

The biggest job losses during Black Thursday were announced by the Post Office.

Among the largest funds, the Twentieth Century Ultra suffered the biggest losses .


When their car is taken, they suffer, at the very least, considerable inconvenience and very often substantial financial loss .

The consequences of compulsive gambling are comparable to those of any other addictive disease and are not simply those of financial loss .

A financial loss allowance is not taxable as income.

A councillor may give written notice to his council that he wishes to receive a financial loss allowance instead of an attendance allowance.

In 1968, the diamond Jubilee came and went without celebration for fear of a financial loss !

And international response to financial crises is an imperative to limit the contagion of panic and financial losses .

Defects in other systems might result in financial loss only such as where an expert system is used to provide financial advice.

The more you fear financial loss , the blinder you become to solutions. 1993 is a year of reckoning.


Some, like Kettner, say it was no great loss .

Numerically, even greater loss is suffered by the new-born generations.

He was, indeed, no great loss .

It is evident that the greater the difference in tastes and preferences, the greater the welfare losses .

But patients have weighed as much as 550 pounds; the greatest weight loss was 240 pounds.

Yet constant raids were causing great losses and hardship.

If the churches are losing membership and income offerings, political institutions have suffered an even greater loss of confidence.


If it is stored for too long in rick or barn, rats and mice can cause heavy losses .

This could further hurt local banks, already reeling from heavy stock losses last year.

Figure 11.2 Average Best Touch 1987-9 Member firms became profitable again in 1989 after heavy losses following the crash of 1987.

Timex managers had told him of heavy losses in recent years and the possibility of more losses this year.

Unfortunately heavy losses occurred during the First World War with all four being sunk.

Viruses, generally transmitted by insect vectors, cause very heavy losses in crops.

If allowed to go overripe, barley ears tend to fall off the stems, and heavy losses can occur.


On the evidence of the Test series in May and now this, he will be a huge loss .

The bank has been trying to write off huge losses from its CornerStone credit card over several recent quarters.

All that followed was a rash of rights issues which have left shareholders nursing huge losses .

It is the one merit of this book that Mr Madrick vividly reminds us how huge that loss has been.

Last month, the company announced huge losses and major layoffs in the face of faltering stock prices.

A memo by the local government minister, Hilary Armstrong, admitted that Labour faced huge losses .

The numbers are small but they added up to a huge loss for Gramm because he had made it a must-win state.


A survey of the electronics industry in this respect would, I believe, show a net loss .

But the uplifting is outpaced by the thinning, so there is a net loss of average elevation.

Emigration abroad was also high; a net loss of about 1.2 million between 1841 and 1911.

The company has had net losses of more than $ 350 million since it went public in 1993.

Last year's net loss was £71.7m.

It had a net loss of $ 5. 3 million, or 14 cents a share.

But the Metropolitan police still faces a severe problem, with a net loss of 1,253 officers between March and September.


When a total loss arises the following formula can be used to establish the written down value.

This way the Republican revolution of 1994, which promised so much, will not be a total loss .

In the event of the total loss of one of these separately insured items the proper settlement is the sum insured.

But of course the place burned for 25 minutes, and it was a total loss .

And that's not even necessarily 80 percent of the total loss .

A 33-year-old widow with four children in my constituency lost free school meals and housing benefit - a total loss of £25.

Christleton finished two runs short of the total for the loss of six wickets despite 84 from Doc Davies.

This is shown clinically by the decrease or total loss of secretion of the affected glands.



Any loss arising should be charged in the profit and loss account .

Operating lease rentals are charged in the profit and loss account in the year in which they arise.

Comment on the situation as revealed by the Balance sheet and profit and loss account of Stern.

It provides insights into the purposes of balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and methods of costing projects and production.

The only difficult figure in the balance sheet, apart from the profit and loss account balance, is the minority interest.

Each hotel prepares its own profit and loss account .

Typically an Information memorandum would include three years historic profit and loss accounts and balance sheets.

Are losses being taken and shown on the profit and loss account or balance sheet?


Iron deficiency anaemia is commonly caused by chronic blood loss from the gastrointestinal tract.

Peptic ulceration may cause chronic gastrointestinal blood loss as well as an acute bleed.

If blood loss during operation has been excessive, previously cross-matched blood will be transfused.

Efficient emergency treatment relies upon being able to stem the blood loss with a tourniquet around the foot.

The deep cuts had missed the major blood vessels and nerves in his neck, but had caused considerable blood loss .

The results are expressed as mean daily blood loss .

The upper limit of normal for gastrointestinal blood loss is less than 1.0 ml/day.


It should be recognized and accepted that coping with hearing loss can be utterly exhausting.

My twin brother appeared by the age of about ten to have some hearing loss .

Reading needs to be recognized as just one more part of your overall plan and pattern of tackling hearing loss .

Different names are used to describe high-frequency hearing loss .

This is one reason why hearing impairment in childhood is totally different from hearing loss in adult life.

Now, with hearing loss , the routine needs to be reviewed, to plan when to talk and when not to.

They had a history of hearing loss for an average of 18 months.

Parents who do not detect an intermittent hearing loss can become irritable and controlling and label their child as disobedient and unresponsive.


Hypertension may be controlled by a nitroprusside infusion, which has the additional advantage of aiding heat loss by peripheral vasodilatation.

It achieves this by forming an ice barrier to lessen heat loss from the ground it covers.

While insulation will reduce heat loss , it will not necessarily prevent burst pipes.

In these clean, dry conditions, the heat loss is minimised.

It covers areas such as heat loss and therefore allows you to measure the effectiveness of various insulation methods.

Conventional double-glazing cuts heat loss by conduction, but can not prevent loss by radiation.

It also reduces a certain amount of heat loss , as well as cutting down traffic noise.

Table 6. below shows the heat losses from the room.


Some cuts, but steering a way from too many job losses is the option favoured by the liberal democrats.

But most economists now agree that the overall job loss from a modest minimum-wage hike is relatively small.

The job losses are blamed on the recession.

And many more workers are joining the unemployment lines because of permanent job loss rather than temporary layoffs, official statistics show.

Yesterday's figures were for February and did not include recent huge job losses at Rolls-Royce.

I understand that 500 jobs losses have been announced by Bass breweries today.

This is due to be announced next month and is widely predicted to involve jobs losses and possible plant closures.

It would mean more job losses , dearer mortgages and more firms going bust.


Nearly every person experiences memory loss as a normal part of the aging process.

Her injuries have left her with chronic migraine headaches, seizures, insomnia, nausea and short-term memory loss .

The program will explore normal memory loss and strategies to help improve memory.

Later in the course of the disease, people may develop clumsy gait, memory loss and speech difficulties.

Some experts claim the phones can cause tumours, headaches and memory loss .

Karadzic's continued freedom and the collective memory loss may suit international politics.

But lately some researchers are challenging the notion that memory loss is inevitable.


Look out for smell of solvent on breath, nose-bleeds, sores around nose and mouth, weight loss .

Aerobic exercise and reduced-calorie diets produce weight loss , but reduce the resting metabolic rate because they do not maintain muscle mass.

Competition between a large mass of parasites and the host for nutrients may be the underlying cause of this weight loss .

These patients had other diseases not normally seen in combination and had experienced profound weight loss and general debilitation.

A word about your weight loss From the day you start F-Plan dieting you will start shedding surplus fat.

I had never realized before what a rich source of endorsement and approval mere weight loss could be.

First, consider the situation where weight loss is not as good as expected.

Breakfast is critical to good health, smart thinking, better learning and successful weight loss .



Iron deficiency anaemia is commonly caused by chronic blood loss from the gastrointestinal tract.

Osmotic diuretics cause in-creased potassium losses , probably primarily because of the increased urine flow accompanying them.

Oxidation of hops causes a loss and alteration of flavours.

What factors cause the gradual loss of the moss and what can be done to restore the moss?

Counselling can often deal with the personal anger, frustration and eventual depression caused by the losses such illness brings.

The main effect of the adult worms is to cause production loss in terms of diminished weight gain.

This can cause loss of control, or at least a lot more work for the controller.


The chronic response occurs when the initial increase in cell proliferation fails to compensate for the cell loss .

The girl compensates for her loss by maintaining connectedness with others.

Members were told the move would compensate for the loss of car parking spaces in the High Street.

Congress is considering a supplemental appropriation to help compensate for that loss , Moos said.

But here again the gain in freedom from aversive stimulation may compensate for any loss of admiration.

He will get one year with Cleveland to return to elite status and compensate for loss of Ramirez.

The children need to be taught to move head and eyes to compensate for the field loss .

He introduced feeling, compassion and pity to compensate for the loss of the comic element.


The exceptionals are thought to include a provision covering the potential loss of the management contract.

In other words, the system really has to cover all economic losses .

It covers areas such as heat loss and therefore allows you to measure the effectiveness of various insulation methods.

The Chicago-based company set aside $ 210 million in the fourth quarter to cover loan losses .

Please not that you are not covered for consequential loss under this service.

If Susan can afford to cover a loss , she should absorb it herself without a policy, Yeske advised.

But will the scheme also cover business interruption loss , which in last year's explosion amounted to £100m?

The stored water could then be used to irrigate adjacent agricultural land, and hydropower revenues would cover the inevitable losses .


Cawthorne cuts his losses and goes somewhere else.

Killeen has cut multimillion-dollar maritime losses in half.

I hope Wilko cuts his losses with our Brian and then goes out to look for a decent striker.

As for Richard, take my advice and cut your losses .

Slashing costs and hiking insurance rates cut its loss against 1991 by a thumping £84 million.

Try the risky, potentially spectacular shot, or cut his losses and play safe?

I believe he must cut his losses on a number of individuals.

Once he learned to ride his gains and cut his losses , he never looked back.


Of the top 19 banks, 13 are expected to make losses this year as they write off bad debts.

Before then, analysts had expected a loss of about 5 cents a share.

Their main aim is to refine the present rules by matching risks more closely with expected losses to determine the capital charge.

Most analysts had expected a loss .

Both companies, however, are expected to post losses for the quarter that ended in December.

The aircraft maker had warned Wall Street earlier this week that it expected the loss because of production problems.

Helene Curtis Industries Inc., hurt by weakness in several key markets, reported a bigger-than-\#expected third-quarter loss .

Despite all these steps, Apple warned earlier this week that it expected to report operating losses through the rest of 1996.


Motorcycle City lost in the resulting war, incurring massive losses that led to its cut-price sale.

Mr Davila incurred losses of more than $ 170 million in his 1993 copper trading.

As it was, some struggled on, more often than not incurring further losses .

Californian housebuilding incurred a loss of £2.7 million, but should be in profit by next year, Sir Lawrie said.

They pointed to cases in the past when underwriters had incurred huge losses by moving into an unfamiliar area of business.


Restricting car access does not necessarily lead to a loss of trade.

Thus, extirpation of that fish in a stream or river leads inevitably to the loss of the dependent mussel species.

But clearly can lead to loss of depth.

Vomiting, however, leads to a loss of gastric hydrochloric acid, and often causes a metabolic alkalosis.

Insider trading may also lead to a significant loss of confidence in the Stock Exchange, particularly amongst small investors.

Large volumes of speculative investments leading to losses for the customer might be thought to imply churning.

That could lead to losses of a significant portion of the 100, 000 tons of city-generated waste handled by county landfills.


Although their families still mourn their loss , they have tried to put their grief behind them and rebuild their lives.

How I envy him his focus and how I mourn for him his loss .

The Moors wept at leaving Granada and still mourn its loss in their evening prayers.

In this house the Walls raised nine children, and mourned the loss of three other babies.

I had been so in love with her, and a part of me needed to mourn that loss of feeling.

In the case of divorce, the child also mourns the loss of his original family constellation.

Remember: They may still be mourning the loss of the parent who has died or left home.

The years fall away and Pennington is a lonely little boy, mourning the loss of his three big sisters.


The problem with chocolates is that they operate on a loss curve of massively diminishing returns.

The company actually had sustained a $ 9. 4 million operating loss , excluding the gain.

But even after all these measures had been adopted a number of projects continued to operate at a hopeless loss .

As a result, Chrysler expects to post an operating loss between $ 2 billion and $ 2.5 billion this year.

It posted an operating loss of $ 800, 000, narrowed from $ 3. 2 million in the previous year.

Despite all these steps, Apple warned earlier this week that it expected to report operating losses through the rest of 1996.


They have abandoned leaves to reduce loss of water by transpiration, and their stems are swollen with stored water.

It may reduce the accelerated bone loss of menopause, even in the absence of estrogen replacement therapy. 3.

Most desert animals reduce water loss by finding shade in some form or other.

However, a tighter policy should result in higher quality of accounts receivable and hence reduce bad-debt losses .

This considerably reduces shrinkage and weight loss .

Effective as of January 1986, it has reduced fire losses , insurance rates, and fire department costs.

While insulation will reduce heat loss , it will not necessarily prevent burst pipes.

Estrogen replacement relieves such symptoms of menopause as hot flashes and night sweats, reduces bone loss and relieves vaginal dryness.


Last month Olivetti reported a loss of 649.9 billion lire in 1992.

The carrier reported a loss of 3. 3 billion francs in fiscal 1995.

The company says catering for first time buyers is boosting sales at a time when other builders are reporting big losses .

Three years later, it reported its worst quarterly loss ever and laid off 16 percent of its work force.

Midland reported a loss of £261m in 1989.

A year ago, Netscape reported a loss of $ 1. 6 million, or 3 cents.

In 1999, Fisher reported a loss of more than Pounds 192m.

Despite all these steps, Apple warned earlier this week that it expected to report operating losses through the rest of 1996.


The company said that it would result in a significant loss for the year.

Last season, his picks resulted in losses of $ 2, 370.

It usually results in the loss of the muscle below the bone.

The write-downs resulted in a loss for the quarter, Mr Chandler said.

Since the cost of the research is estimated at 20k this would result in a loss to the company in either case.

The bureaucrat will almost always say that a budget cut is sure to result in the loss of jobs.

Areas where this need can arise usually occur when a surgical procedure or accident has resulted in loss of bone.

Boosting it 10 percent might result in a half-percent loss in jobs that would otherwise be available for teen-agers, he said.


Nina put out her hand remembering that he, too, had suffered a loss .

Public figures suffered a collective loss of esteem.

Now Lute has suffered a loss beyond words and Tucson is diminished by the passing of one of its nicer people.

Suppose a plaintiff suffers loss as a result of an illegal administrative decision.

Here he was suffering this loss , and he was entertaining me.

Some of them are severely confused through an illness like Alzheimer's disease or are suffering from short-term memory loss .

Grease fires and theft are among the top reasons tenants suffer losses .


cut your losses

At that point they just wanted to cut their losses and get out of the business.

As for Richard, take my advice and cut your losses.

Be honest with yourself and cut your losses quickly.

Cawthorne cuts his losses and goes somewhere else.

I hope Wilko cuts his losses with our Brian and then goes out to look for a decent striker.

Once he learned to ride his gains and cut his losses, he never looked back.

One solution was to cut their losses and sell to television.

Try the risky, potentially spectacular shot, or cut his losses and play safe?

Usually the wisest thing to do is to cut your losses early on.

feel a death/a loss etc

Subjects began to feel a loss of control of the course of their thinking.

irretrievable loss

make good a debt/loss etc

Their use should minimise water use to making good losses through evaporation.


About 35,000 job losses are expected.

I was sorry to hear about the loss of your mother.

The company cannot accept liability for loss or damage to a passenger's property.

three wins and four losses

Weight loss should be gradual.

You should report the loss of your passport to the consulate.


Earlier AltaVista, the search engine portal, reported losses of $ 307m on revenues of $ 98m in the second quarter.

For instance, while brain cells do die and are not replaced, their loss is not an explanation for senility.

How does sleep loss affect the soldier?

It announced a loss of £2.8m, on a turnover of £13.5m, thanks mainly to write-downs in the depressed property market.

The girl compensates for her loss by maintaining connectedness with others.

Trying the case, even to a loss , would help the Republicans, and Starr is a Republican.

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