Meaning of LOSS in English



Pronunciation: ' lo ̇ s

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English los, probably back-formation from lost, past participle of losen to lose

Date: 13th century


2 a : the act of losing possession : DEPRIVATION < loss of sight> b : the harm or privation resulting from loss or separation c : an instance of losing

3 : a person or thing or an amount that is lost: as a plural : killed, wounded, or captured soldiers b : the power diminution of a circuit or circuit element corresponding to conversion of electrical energy into heat by resistance

4 a : failure to gain, win, obtain, or utilize b : an amount by which the cost of something exceeds its selling price

5 : decrease in amount, magnitude, or degree

6 : the amount of an insured's financial detriment by death or damage that the insurer is liable for

– at a loss

1 : uncertain as to how to proceed <was at a loss to explain the discrepancy>

2 : unable to produce what is needed < at a loss for words>

– for a loss : into a state of distress <events had thrown him for a loss >

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