Meaning of PACKAGE in English


I. noun


a package holiday (= a holiday in which you pay a price that includes travel, room, and food )

The company organizes package holidays to Spain and Greece.

a package/programme of reforms

A package of reforms was approved by the National Assembly on April 12.

a package/series of measures (= a set of measures used to deal with something )

A package of road safety measures has been announced.

a redundancy package (= a set of things offered to someone who is being made redundant )

The trade union negotiated a generous redundancy package for its members.

a rescue plan/package (= plan to save a company, economy etc that is in trouble )

They drew up a rescue plan that involved restructuring the firm.

a software package (= a set of programs )

Select a software package which suits your requirements.

all-in price/package/deal etc

all-in deals to Australia and New Zealand

an aid programme/scheme/package

The UN aid programme provided most of the finance.

an all-inclusive price/package/holiday etc

an all-inclusive vacation cruise

attractive offer/proposition/package etc

I must say, it’s a very attractive offer.

austerity programme/plan/package

a tough new austerity programme

care package

package deal

a cheap package deal to Tenerife

package tour




The town lost out to Barton, South Humberside, because the firm was offered a more attractive Government aid package .

We are offering an attractive remuneration package including a company car and other larger company benefits.

New York and Detroit will come up with an attractive separation package , you can be sure of that.

Banks have managed to attain this share by offering attractive packages .

The more attractive the package , the better the price.


They feared the abandoning of the complete package for the sake of religious interests.

Other than Francis, there are not complete packages .

Our emotional world is a complete package and it has not been jettisoned.

Package costing: Where complete packages are being compared price mix may vary considerably between suppliers.

Farmplan is now offering farmers the complete package: computers with internet access already installed.

Alternatively you can buy all lessons as a complete package .

Each system is a complete package including hardware, software and consumables.

The best, and most complete , winter packages are available through the specialist golf holiday groups.


John Major balances his economic package , but the right one's always lower, oh yes.

We put into place a comprehensive and tough economic package to create growth and generate jobs.

Chigaga had just successfully negotiated a US$650 million economic restructuring package .

However, in 1990 the government launched a full-scale economic restructuring package for which it sought World Bank support.

Mr Clinton's economic package squeaked through the House of Representatives by 219 votes to 213.

He has also distinguished himself by twice voting against Bill Clinton's economic package .


The only criticism is the time taken to put the financial package together before work could begin.

The new program comes as students are finalizing their financial aid packages for the upcoming school year.

Lilley asked to be put into receivership after a financial rescue package did not receive full support from its bankers.

One of the fastest-growing companies of the 1980s, the now-ailing Saatchi &038; Saatchi, announced a second financial rescue package .


I agree that the new health promotion package is far from ideal.

The only thing new about the package was this very burst.

Those over the age of 50 are now to be offered a new pay package to persuade them to keep on working.

What they need far more than a new welfare package is economic growth.

Error 1046 Error creating new package file.

Qualiparc Hotline is a new fault management package , Connectic maps networking and communications connections - Query reports on system status.

These fields may be edited to reflect the new package references that you desire.


Inside the box was a small flat package wrapped in muslin and tied tightly with string.

Somehow though, the band manages to shoehorn a fine lot of angst into such small packages .

They use technology from the firm's successful YZ426F crosser, but condensed into a smaller package .

Essentially, it meant putting a number of smaller packages headed for the same destination in one large container.

It was during this period that he conceived the idea of an airline devoted to small package shipments.

Still, the trend is headed inevitably toward smaller packages for software.

Anne Swithinbank shows that good things come in small packages .

She had taken a small package containing bread, socks and other amenities to her sister Sonia and brother Nathan.


Computer suppliers frequently provide customer training as an integral part of their total product package .

The total package will cost the agency as much as $ 204, 100, depending on whether White sells his house.

But the total package of reductions convinced neither the public nor the unions.

As an actor operates in this economic order, she continually attempts to expand the total package of resources that she controls.

All items of the total landscaping package had to be measured in order to submit realistic costs.

The regents Monday estimated that during the 1995-96 academic year, his total compensation package was $ 837, 113.

Where does monetary policy fit into the total package of macroeconomic policies?

It is a total package , well-thought-out and administered - and it has paid dividends.


Buy the whole package , or do without is what the salesman says.

And to judge any variable annuity, you need to consider the whole package -- not the returns on just one fund.

The whole package is well worthwhile for the enthusiast.

The whole package made sense, although it was tough to manage.

They know that it's the whole package of the bike that matters.

You can enjoy adrenaline highs without the whole Type A package .

It's very difficult to know how to sum the whole package up.

The whole package is so appealing.



Yet the aid package passed in an instinctively isolationist Congress with only a modest handful of dissenters.

The new program comes as students are finalizing their financial aid packages for the upcoming school year.

The plan calls for massive reductions in logging coupled with an aid package to offset job losses.

Nevertheless, he welcomed the aid package , which is expected to add some much-needed confidence to his administration.

A small aid package will be given to those who return to assist them in their resettlement.


Now we are pleased to introduce two new products to create a more complete body care package .

I remember too being nine and receiving a Care package from the States-a yellow pencil, a peanut.


A bonus, payable on completion of the fixed-term contract, is also commonly included in the compensation package .

The Black-Scholes model also is widely used for valuing the stock options in the compensation packages of corporate executives.

His announcement was welcomed by pensioner groups, which had campaigned against the initial compensation package .

Some people who design compensation packages have suggested a possible ceiling on exercising stock options to keep a lid on the wealth.

Another important element of the compensation package concerns holidays.

A large part of the compensation package for our sales people is driven by a sliding commission scale.

Although it is usual for expatriates to rent housing abroad, some company compensation packages allow for property to be purchased.

Journalists and economists justifiably bemoan the obscene compensation packages awarded to corporate officers.


A few of the of a package deal .

Short tours as well as package deals that include a tour, a gourmet dinner and a show are available.

Its partners had probably accepted that they would have to acquiesce to some kind of compromise within the package deal .

A package deal makes some sense.

Another system which has recently found favour is the package deal .

I did the tutorial that came with the package deal and learned a lot through trial and error.

Ingredients like these add to the promotion of this type of package deal .

We got hold of one of those cheap package deals , like a couple hundred dollars.


Like most package holidays , this includes breakfast at the hotel, but any other meals are additional to the quoted price.

This was a major provider of not only walking holidays but also package holidays and holiday camps.

There is no point booking a package holiday - this contains the essentially free spirit of the tack traveller.

For instance, for many people the decision to participate in skiing involves the purchase of a package holiday .

At first glance, cruises seem more expensive than package holidays , but the price usually covers everything except drinks and laundry.

Tour operators organise and plan package holidays and tours and specialist organisations plan conferences and group travel for other organisations.

Colwyn Bay also operate their own inclusive package holiday .

It was the only major package holiday tour operator without its own airline.


Politicians, uncomfortable in the spotlight, publicly back some sort of reform package that might take away a few of their perks.

Jeb Bush's education-\#reform package .

Does the Minister agree that that reform package was merely a cosmetic exercise?

Romley favored a reform package worked out by himself and other prosecutors, judges and experts in the field.

The fact that it was rejected in a referendum last year does not mean that it was a bad reform package .

The government and opposition recently concluded months of negotiations on the reform package .


Earlier, Kok said he wanted Daimler-Benz to contribute more to a rescue package for the aircraft maker.

He is set to front a new rescue package , with a mystery backer ready to invest a substantial sum.

Newcastle have £6m worth, and are hoping that Sir John's proposed rescue package helps them out.

The answer may be one or both of these and only a careful rescue package can avert a total disaster.

The £10m they have pledged towards a £13m rescue package has yet to materialise.

Lilley asked to be put into receivership after a financial rescue package did not receive full support from its bankers.

One of the fastest-growing companies of the 1980s, the now-ailing Saatchi &038; Saatchi, announced a second financial rescue package .


Computer software packages and simulations offer another possible approach.

I had previously attended several workshops and had been introduced to several software packages .

Pesticide databases are now a feature across most field recording software packages .

Business-oriented spreadsheet applications can be set up to solve these problems, and special-purpose capital budgeting software packages are readily available.

This chapter has shown the uses of different software packages for administrative and curricular purposes.

Most of us are conversant with modems, microchips, and software packages .

Tel-me is a software package that runs on 80386 or 80486 personal computers under Microsoft Corp Windows 3.1.

Also available are neural-network-based turnkey software packages .


The package tour was not dead, it had gone up market and further afield.

Now Butlins itself is struggling, its customers lured overseas by the package tour companies.

Finally, when choosing an overseas package tour , do not skimp.

The air inclusive package tour holiday requires a certain amount of compliant behaviour in order to work.



D.B. Clinton announces package of environmental reforms Washington.


Software Approval Modules can only be approved via a package , not individually.

You must be the package manager or the user nominated to approve the package to obtain the approval listings.


Usually there is no legitimate solution. Buy the whole package , or do without is what the salesman says.

You will spend more when you buy the package with measured-out units that reconstitute to one quart. 6.

But if it involves simple images, there's no need to buy the most complicated package .

The advantages of buying a package can not be stressed too much.

But it can be confusing, and it's easy to buy the wrong package .

Accountancy firm Grant Thornton will give free telephone support and possible on-site assistance to customers buying the package .

Remember, registering shareware means you often save up to 50% on the price of buying a similar package from a computer shop.


Such a module may be contained in the package as either Latest or Selected Approved version.

Even good ideas are frequently contained in banal packages that neutralize the virtues they possess.

These modules will not be approved. no modules may be contained in the package as Preferred.

A product is not a module and does not contain the package .

An abbreviated version of the Package Structure Listing can also be obtained which contains only the package modules in the structure.

If the module is not contained within a user-supplied package , a warning will be generated.


Error 1046 Error creating new package file.

Action Failure to create package module in the supplied working directory.

With MotorOptions you can create your own motoring package , and you have chosen to include Replacement Car Hire.

With MotorOptions you can create your own motoring package .

However, the interface will only proceed to create and enter the package structure if all checks are successful.

He started to create training packages in areas of his expertise with materials and formats that he knew he could offer.


Call waiting, call divert and call barring facilities will also be included in the package .

Senior Vice President Antonio Samson said 910 employees in targeted areas voluntarily applied for the program, which includes a benefit package .

Symphony also includes a Comms package for communicating with other computers via a modem.

It was a pleasant surprise to find a paperback edition of the Henkes book included in the package .

Meals and drinks are usually paid for separately by the guest unless it is included in the package agreement.

No changes to the law will be included in the package .

In many cases a golf cart is included , and some packages add a free beer after the round!

It also includes a Comms package but in order to take advantage of this facility you need a modem in your computer.


Services also tend to take this segmented approach rather than offering an integrated package of support services to families.

Banks have managed to attain this share by offering attractive packages .

Most airlines offer packages , and a travel agent or the ski resort you have chosen can help you find others.

For any chartered accountant interested in the package , Aldercare is offering the package free of charge for a 30-day trial.

Twelve downtown hotels are offering packages .

Its main feature is that the chosen contractor offers a comprehensive package comprising the site and a completed building.

Then the salesman arrives with the picture-not just contacts but the fully developed picture-and offers you a package deal.


Error 3110 Error preparing package for approval.

RETURN-DETAIL/ - is a return parameter providing a report of the errors encountered during the attempt to prepare the package for approval.

Some conveyancers have been loath to prepare the package of documentation set out above because of market conditions.

You are not, however, required to prepare the package to deny approval.

Having prepared the package , you should select option 1.5.3 - Grant/Deny Approval to Package.

The Manager may only prepare the package provided that the package has not yet been submitted for approval.


Papillon provides a special package for brides and grooms with a photographer and champagne.

Recipes provided on the packages of certain staples sometimes tempt a semiliterate person to prepare a meal her children have not tasted.

Will the new community care scheme be able to provide such packages of care in the community?

Several companies provide packages , including Rainbow, Superbreak Mini-Holidays and Forte.


The only criticism is the time taken to put the financial package together before work could begin.

A: We do intend to put together a legislative package .

Peter owned London Postal Services, and he offered me £5000 and told me to put together a package .

Finally, I threw back the quilt, put the package on the pillow, and crept into bed.

He's simply trying to put a package together to sell to one of the big corporations - Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh or Zebaot International.

Money put into pay packages of top executives is not money spent on new capital equipment.

It must also put together a package which will help to ease Britain out of the recession.

The old man stood up slowly and put his package down on the desk.


Please send me a sponsorship package and free t-shirt as soon as possible.

She sent her packages for Christmas, Easter and birthdays, and wrote her regular letters.

An important practical point to consider when sending out mailings of this kind is to decide exactly where to send the package .

They were sent to him in packages of ten cartons from Moscow.

Practitioners who returned a preprinted postcard expressing further interest were sent the package of recording booklets and distance learning programme.

Hindsight is all very well, but if only he had sent his London package by regular mail ....


You should submit the unapproved sub package for approval using option 1.5.1 - Submit Package For Approval.

Note that you can not submit a package to yourself for approval.

Request the package manager to submit the package.

RETURN-DETAIL/ - is a return parameter providing a report of the errors encountered during the attempt to submit the package for approval.


severance pay/package

He would not answer questions about the lack of severance pay.

Ivy said the school did not buy out the contract but would negotiate some kind of severance package with Mumme.

Laid-off employees, of which there have been 105 since January, each received a severance package and a computer.

Of the $ 27 million charge, about $ 15 million relates to severance pay and plant closures.

She received three months of severance pay.

Sources said that they have been given six weeks to finish their assignments and another four weeks' severance pay.

The council also agreed to pay moving expenses and provide six months severance pay should they later fire him.

There will, of course, be no severance pay, and a reference is out of the question.


a new software package

The cooking instructions are on the package .

The mailman left a package for you at our house.


About 7, 000 alumni will pay Northwestern $ 1, 565 each for a package of air-fare and game tickets.

He can advise us on the best brochure layouts, promotional photography, video or slide presentation - the whole package .

It acts merely as an easily identified and meaningful reference to the version of the package which is to be issued.

It also indicated that a referendum might well be held on the package prior to its submission to the provinces.

Juno Online Services provides free e-mail access to the Internet through their own special software package .

The A-CONFORMOLINES package is terminated by the code 99999 in columns 1-5.

Warning - product package is not approved A product has been updated to reference an unapproved issue of the product package.

II. verb




The plant is operated by the food packaging company, Linpac Plastics International.

Ninety percent of canned food is packaged in steel cans.

Second were technological advances in refrigeration, food processing, and food packaging .


The code informs as to where and when a product was packaged .

A number of products are now packaged in recyclable materials.


Martin's manager had packaged him to appeal to teenage girls.

The cocaine was already packaged and ready to be shipped to the U.S.


And all the time there were the escalating costs for handling, packaging and processing the wastes at the Sellafield complex.

Mr Prescott's capacity for saying what he thinks and his somewhat abrasive manner are evidently not qualities that are easily packaged.

The 316s is packaged in CompuAdd's low-profile systems unit.

Users would not need to buy packaged software, nor would they have to learn programs and operating systems.

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