Meaning of PACKAGE in English

— packageable , adj.

/pak"ij/ , n. , v. , packaged, packaging .


1. a bundle of something, usually of small or medium size, that is packed and wrapped or boxed; parcel.

2. a container, as a box or case, in which something is or may be packed.

3. something conceived of as a compact unit having particular characteristics: That child is a package of mischief.

4. the packing of goods, freight, etc.

5. a finished product contained in a unit that is suitable for immediate installation and operation, as a power or heating unit.

6. a group, combination, or series of related parts or elements to be accepted or rejected as a single unit.

7. a complete program produced for the theater, television, etc., or a series of these, sold as a unit.


8. to make or put into a package.

9. to design and manufacture a package for (a product or series of related products): They package their soaps in eye-catching wrappers.

10. to group or combine (a series of related parts) into a single unit.

11. to combine the various elements of (a tour, entertainment, etc.) for sale as a unit.

[ 1605-15; pakkage baggage. See PACK 1 , -AGE ]

Syn. 1. PACKAGE, PACK, PACKET, PARCEL refer to a bundle or to something fastened together. A PACKAGE is a bundle of things packed and wrapped: a package from the drugstore. A PACK is a large bundle or bale of things put or fastened together, usually wrapped up or in a bag, case, etc., to be carried by a person or a beast of burden: a peddler's pack. A PACKET, originally a package of letters or dispatches, is a small package or bundle: a packet of gems. A PARCEL is an object or objects wrapped up to form a single, small bundle: a parcel containing two dresses. 2. carton.

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