Meaning of PACKAGE in English


I. ˈpakij, -kēj noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: probably from Dutch pakkage, from pak pack (from Middle Dutch) + -age (after bagage baggage, from Middle Dutch, from Middle English) — more at pack , baggage


[ pack (II) + -age ]

archaic : the act or process of packing

the privileges of the package of cloths and certain other outward-bound goods — Patrick Colquhoun


a. : a small or moderate-sized pack : bundle , parcel

carts, into which packages were being shot from the warehouses — Virginia Woolf

before any package or parcel is accepted for mailing the sender must … endorse the wrapper — U.S. Official Postal Guide

b. : a commodity in its container : a unit of a product uniformly processed, wrapped, or sealed for distribution

package of cigarettes

handled 6.8 million packages of fruits and vegetables — C.K.Baker

the biggest seller was a package of four Chinese peel tub chairs — Retailing Daily

c. : a preassembled unit ready for installation or use

with men responsible for the selection and installation of heating units, choice starts with the package itself — American Builder

a new self-contained machine gun package that is hooked on under the wings — Science News Letter


a. : a covering wrapper or container

nature gave the banana a good package — advt

specifically : a protective unit for storing or shipping a commodity

designing a package that attracts the eye of the customer and at the same time protects the merchandise — Christian Science Monitor

b. : any of the various forms (as cheeses, spools, pirns, tubes) in which yarn or thread is wound for processing and handling

4. : something that resembles a package: as

a. : something organized into or constituting a compact unit

Luxembourg is a diminutive package stretching for fifty-seven miles — New York Times

formless processes that are seldom easy to put in headline packages — Joseph Alsop

wry humor, pertinent reflection, and good … melodrama, all in one package — Phil Stong

b. : a combination of related elements to be accepted or rejected as a whole

sell them a … complete package (lot, house, equipment and financing in a single transaction) — F.A.Gutheim

a series of treaties and agreements forming a single package — S.B.Fay

the purchaser is tendered a package , consisting of a specified amount of common stock with each unit of the senior issue — R.U.Cooper

specifically : a complete show or series of shows ready for presentation and usually bought by a sponsor or network for a lump sum

purchasing the entire show as a live-talent or transcribed package — Roger Barton

a quarter-hour TV package — R.L.Shayon

swung through the Midwest (as part of a jazz concert package ) — Time

c. : a combination of benefits

the consumer appeal of a dealer's credit plan depends … upon the size and composition of the package the consumer gets for what he pays — C.W.Phelps

especially : contract benefits gained through collective bargaining

a 10-cent hourly package — seven cents to go into a pension fund and three for health and welfare benefits — Wall Street Journal

d. : a combination of necessaries (as food or tickets) and services usually offered at a special rate

the sports package includes accommodations in heated cabins, with or without bath and meals; two sessions at the ski school and unlimited use of the ski lifts — O.R.Geyer

package vacation

e. slang

(1) : composite

only five feet tall but … a package of lovely curves — H.D.Osborne

(2) : the police record of a criminal

his package listed a prison record on a rape charge — Courtney McClendon

II. “, esp in pres part -kəj transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

1. : to make into or as if into a package

designers showed great ingenuity in constructing and packaging these houses — Americana Annual

furnished as a packaged -type power unit ready to operate — Air Tools

neatly packages her findings — James Hilton

his demands for Greece will probably be packaged with those for China and Turkey — New Republic

specifically : to produce as an entertainment package

will package annually six half-hour TV shows by each writer — Henry Hewes

2. : to enclose in a package or protective covering

there are two ways a designer can package this space — New Yorker

the car packages its riders like fragile merchandise — A.J.Despagni

airplanes shipped overseas are now packaged with a spray of plastic solution — Aero Products

specifically : to put (a commodity) into a protective wrapper or container for shipment or storage

cured hams … have been sent out frozen, canned, and otherwise packaged — New Yorker

the company … will package about 50 5 of its beets and 50 5 of its turnips in these bags — Lee Geist

besides aspirin … packages saccharin, eye drops, rubbing alcohol — Monsanto Magazine

III. noun

: a ready-made computer program or collection of related software

IV. transitive verb

: to present in such a way as to heighten appeal

how to package and hype political parties and candidates for the purpose of winning elections — John Lukacs

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