Meaning of SQUARE in English

I. adjective


a decent meal/a square meal ( also a proper meal British English ) (= with enough good food to satisfy you )

I hadn’t had a decent meal in days.

a square chin

A square chin may be taken as a sign of a stubborn character.

a square of chocolate (= a small square piece )

I only ate one small square of chocolate.


Her face was round and jolly.

round/square etc in shape

The dining room was square in shape.

set square

square bracket

The words in square brackets should be deleted.

square dance

square knot

square root

The square root of nine is three.

square yards

an area of 9,000 square yards

straighten/square your shoulders (= stand with your shoulders straight, in a determined way )

She squared her shoulders and knocked on the door.




A square block of flats was almost finished; already it exhibited the confident innocence of the usurper.

I soon learn there are six other resident hotels within a few square blocks .

Second, you could nail up corner blocks , those square blocks of pine with a an embossed circle in the middle.

With shops filling nearly four square blocks , the walk will be invigorating but not lengthy.

We had in mind to put in a square block of an indoor amusement park and we had it all designed.

It had 300, 000 inhabitants; its population could fit inside a few square blocks of Manhattan.


The square bracket shows the position of the insert.

The square brackets reveal the position and length of the inserts.

Note: Practitioners must decide whether they wish to include the words in square brackets .

Unless otherwise specified, all fields have a maximum length of 20 characters, including colons, square brackets , etc.

These are the plus, the stroke, the colon, the square brackets and the double colon.

Remember that it must be 20 characters maximum, including square brackets .

The numbers in square brackets are the absolute numbers, given to illustrate the incidence of both in the data.


Red notebook Bed linen Samba square dance double duvet cover; pillowcase.

Then everything reverses, as in a square dance .

It may be only a matter of time before goals trigger outbreaks of mass aerobics and the odd square dance .


By 1811 this nursery had over 30,000 square feet of glass.

When Bill and Melanie Parsons began designing their house, they figured they had 2, 200 square feet to play with.

Any personnel manager who has three or four square feet of desk space can install the equipment.

He pointed out that, with 20,000 square feet of space, the store can repair 20 tractors at a time.

The 800,000 square foot plant is being leased back to the management team.

The three-bedroom home is about 2, 500 square feet .

This 64,000 square foot office block went for £3m.

Its tallest building is 14 stories, while the two largest have nearly 500, 000 square feet each.


Software houses have been slow to response but the square footage sold to date is reportedly ahead of schedule.

That way you could make do with a tenth the square footage .


This is rather over 2000 tons per square inch .

Rats have less than a square inch of cortex, less than humans by a factor of 500.

You have more sweat glands and blood vessels per square inch in your scalp than any other part of your body.

In other words, Washington must remain urgently concerned about every square inch of the planet.

Pluto and Lawrence &038; Wishart were there, all 18 square inches of them.

Each pad, about a square inch , treats half a cubic foot.

That means its print head can squirt 1, 440, 000 little dots of ink on each square inch of paper.

He looked me over carefully, appraising every visible square inch .


Her sunken face, straight thin mouth, and square jaw spelled suffering and dedication as well as determination.

He was handsome, coffee colored, with close-cropped black hair, dark eyes, a square jaw , big hands.


An array a square kilometre in size should see neutrino sources if there are any, Halzen says.

The densities per square kilometre of its human and livestock populations are greater than anywhere else in the continent.

It has more cars per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world.


Each of the Apollo launch pads was 0.65 square kilometres in size and constructed of heavily reinforced concrete.

In 5700 the principality of Piedmont measured about 16, 500 square kilometres in extent.

In total, the seven states lost 1,003 square kilometres of forest area and gained 492 square kilometres.

The Pantanal, at 140,000 square kilometres , is the world's largest wetland area.

So far palaeontologists have only scratched the surface of a formation that Rauhut estimates covers at least several hundred square kilometres .


A square matrix having zeros everywhere except in the principal diagonal is called a diagonal matrix and is clearly symmetric.


Indeed he often gave them whatever was in the till, feeling they looked in need of a square meal .

So a catastrophic drop to 5 percent of its pre-deluge invertebrate quantities still provided them with three square meals a day.


It comes in 16 plain colours and costs £13 per square metre .

This is the amount that beams on average on to each square metre , even in cloudy, wintry Britain.

Two years later their numbers were still no higher than 2,000 per square metre .

Locusts can swarm in densities of 15,000 per square metre .

The calendar below shows the 13 dazzling international exhibitions being held in the 12,000 square metre exhibition hall.

The project's treatments cost as little as 54p per square metre .

Order the terrazzo by the square metre .

The new 680 square metre hall will offer improved facilities.


The central plaza of this city once covered 176,000 square metres .

We are planning to launch a test sail of 400 square metres , by the end of next year.

To achieve a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide, one human needed 8 square metres of exposed Chlorella.

The algae tanks were stacked so they took less than 8 square metres floor space.

The new plan measures 10,554 m2 of which only 8,322 square metres will be usable space.

Linear measurements may be given either in imperial or metric units, but area is normally quoted in square metres .

Only 10% of the total area, or approx. 1,500 square metres will be dedicated to displaying works of art.

The new machine is capable of producing 800-1000 square metres daily and should be operational before the Christmas holidays.


The Exe Vale group served a largely rural area covering 2,000 square miles with a population of 600,000.

Below us was the battle zone, 464 square miles of urban decay, whose every street was a border to some one.

The basins are scattered over 20,000 square miles and fed by underground rivers which extend through Nevada, Utah and California.

They filmed every aspect of life in an area of twenty-four square miles of north Oxfordshire.

The Survey was under constant pressure to cover as many square miles of ground as possible every year.

A huge, 150 square mile , national forest is now in the process of being planted in the East Midlands.

Having lived in Deptford all his life, Albie knew every jabber, snorter, speed-freak and pot-head in sixteen square miles .

They chose an area of twenty-four square miles in north Oxfordshire and spent a whole spring filming every aspect of life there.


The basins are scattered over 20,000 square miles and fed by underground rivers which extend through Nevada, Utah and California.

Millions of us, natives and refugees, lived in those few hundred square miles .

The Survey was under constant pressure to cover as many square miles of ground as possible every year.

Walkup counts among his first-year triumphs the annexation of 26 square miles of state trust land on the city's southeast side.

A decision which would produce an all-Highland single-tier authority covering 10,000 square miles may seem contradictory to that objective.

Since Thursday, he said, Coast Guard cutters and smaller boats have criss-crossed 17, 500 square miles .

Fifty thousand square miles we covered.

However, when magnified over millions of square miles of ocean, the energy forces affecting the atmosphere can be substantial.


Dinner in Luigi's, coffee and then later red wine in Hudson's large square room .

The interior was a large, square room .

It was big, square room with a polished floor and a high ceiling.


The distribution remains normal but the standard deviation decreases as the square root of n, the sample size.

Having a square root for-1, it is now no great effort to provide square roots for all the real numbers.

Therefore, taking the square root of this measure we get the correlation coefficient; i.e.. 11.

Having a square root for-1, it is now no great effort to provide square roots for all the real numbers.

Excluding the few outliers, we can calculate the square root of the average squared error over all subjects for each repetition.

A number of early computers had an instruction to extract a square root , but nowadays this operation is achieved by software.

Does this have a square root ?


The kids are all scrubbed and coiffed, backpacks fitted firmly on square shoulders .


This square tower has circular turrets on each side, the whole making a fortified place of retreat.

To my right, almost on the horizon, I thought I could see the square tower of a church.

There is an immense square tower in the centre and a high pitched roof on either side of it.

After being severely damaged in a storm, the spire was replaced with a square tower in 1969.

It was a simple drawing of a square tower , standing in splendid isolation like an accusing finger pointing at the sky.

At Brantford rounded ends were combined with a square tower .

The square tower is rib vaulted and its windows give good light to the cathedral.


A few varieties of supple-stemmed rambler are just as suitable for this purpose, covering many square yards once they become established.

It seemed that there was not a square yard on the field free from fire.

Sadler's used 1,900 square yards - made more impervious to the gas by an inner coat of rubber.

I found where they had bedded down as a group, within about 50 square yards .

You can buy them in boxes of four to cover an area of a square yard .

The cemetery, which contains graves of men, women and children, covers about 15,000 square yards .

A carpet costing around £33 per square yard may seem an unromantic substitute for a honeymoon.

All you have to do is give up a few square yards of lawn space.


win (sth)/beat sb fair and square


a square backyard

a square corner

It's important to be square with clients.


He was seated in a deep armchair with flat, square sides.

In other words, Washington must remain urgently concerned about every square inch of the planet.

Rolling white sand dunes surrounded by a large oasis of swaying palm trees with a square fort in the middle.

Roy Fredericks always favoured the square cut.

The floor is only ten inches square so you can't sit down or squat in it.

The pair moved down the centre line and halted square and dead centre.

The three-bedroom home is about 2, 500 square feet.

II. noun




At the end of the street, there's this big square with loads of people in it.

When she surfaced it was to find that they were back at Piazzale Roma, the big square thronging as usual.

He has a big square head, shaven almost bald; lots of gold teeth.


When a player reaches a black square , they must answer three questions to reach Number 10.

Below: A chance configuration of black squares .

The black squares at the bottom are keys that can be pressed.


Villereal was charming, and busy too, with its narrow streets and central square with a timbered-covered market.

Urban scavengers have been banned from bagging doves and pigeons in the central squares .

Mosaic C from North Hill and mosaic 7 both have flowers with elongated petals in their central squares .

All three pavements appear to have had rosettes in the small squares which lie tangent to the central square.

Black wishes to keep some central dark squares under control.

The prefecture buildings on Kinkala's central square are also full of displaced persons.

Secondly, the four-strand guilloche which encloses the central square is well drawn, but slightly inferior to the chain-guilloche.


However, Black's influence over the dark squares should be sufficient to maintain the balance.

I looked at the dark blue square of the window.

It was already dark but the square glowed with marquee brilliance, and none more brilliant than the Empire's.

The rest of the dark square of floor is smooth and bare.

The resulting dark squares and rectangles on the images are stone moats and reflecting pools around the temples.

Half way up the wall there was a slightly darker square set into the blackness.

Sam and Rose looked at each other and at the dark , empty square .

Black wishes to keep some central dark squares under control.


But she loved him fair and square .

I was only warning you fair and square .

It had paid for its water, fair and square , and it wanted to let the valley survive.


This volume property is characteristic of the inverse square law; it holds for no other law of force.


Roll out half to a large square , place the roof-sized pieces of paper over and use to cut out the icing.

I sat down in the chair and began sewing them together until they formed a large square .

It was a large open square with low hedges enclosing six small gardens with bush-like trees.

He had a large square head, strong features, the worried look of a rustic crossing streets in the capital.

As the two small squares grow so the trio reaches a peak of energy and declines into a single large square.

They came to a large square , dazzling white from swirling snowdrifts.

When the drawer was open she took out a large square package wrapped in newspaper and held it out for him.


I stared at the innocent little square of foil on the counter.

The set came equipped with chemicals, minerals, and various treated papers all in little square bottles.

All the shops were closed and there was a Sunday peace in the little square .

Their job, as they perceived it, was to fill little squares with people.

The little square was relatively sheltered, and in the hall the gale was no more than a distant, muffled roar.

Flavia was there so early that she ran into Therese in the little square where people left their cars.

Divide the square into 49 little squares with a knife by marking six evenly-spaced lines vertically and six horizontally.


Then he hurried away towards the main square .

The Handbook suggested a Ricardo Quispe Mamani who also had a small restaurant on the main square .

The main square holds the three buildings of importance.

Participants said the city's main square was filled to capacity.

It's across the main square in the town centre.

In many towns and villages the local population gathers round the main square , or church.

To park the bikes we had to strike a deal with the children in the main square .

The mayor of Bucharest on Aug. 28 declared an indefinite ban on all meetings and demonstrations in central Bucharest's main squares .


Corbett asked the others to stay at the great gate whilst he went across the open square .

My father sliced open a square of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.

For this, it had to be given lungs, in the shape of open spaces, squares , parks and gardens.

It was a large open square with low hedges enclosing six small gardens with bush-like trees.

The monastery takes the form of an open square in which the two churches stand.

He drives on until he comes to an open square with people eating at tables under the trees.


They are also cost-effective, as the cost of a missile is roughly proportional to the square of its range.

At speeds low compared with light, the temporal retardation is proportional to the square of your speed.

Because the energy of a moving body is proportional to the square of the velocity.

The increase of confinement time with radius follows approximately a diffusion law-confinement time proportional to the square of the radius.

The centripetal force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the centre.


In the presence of a large crowd in a public square the messengers shouted vulgar abuse at Vuk.

Simultaneously, he said, public places like squares , parks and plazas would be liberally placed where people could congregate.

Yet for a work in a public square this is an interesting aspect of art criticism.

A focal point of the development will be a public square created in front of the main entrance.

He sets out; he arrives at the public square , which is crowded with an eager excited throng.

That was the same year in which Admiral Kolchak was executed in the main public square .

One young man, unable to tolerate the thought, burned himself alive in a public square .


The horse turned into a courtyard where he slowed down, trotting round the small square .

It is carved into small squares and rolled up inside a thin wheat pancake with hoisin sauce and spring onions.

Then each Girl put her heels into a small square on the stage floor, connecting up with the power source.

She folded and refolded her Kleenex into smaller and smaller squares .

After eating a small square of chocolate he became very aggressive and rushed around the house frantically banging doors and kicking furniture.

The main temple complex of Angkor Wat is readily visible as a small square bounded with black.

A rectangle is subdivided into one large and two small squares such that the overlap is constant width.


Charlie found himself mesmerised by the mosaic patterns that covered the inner walls, their tiny squares making up life-size portraits.

Jell-O with tiny square pieces of fruit in it.

Though the steady march of grey clouds, a tiny square of blue emerges.

Dennis cut his veal assiduously into tiny squares and piled them into a pyramid that he then inhaled in a single gulp.

Margaret fell in love with a muted green-based carpet with a pattern of tiny red squares woven around the borders.

A wriggling snake moves one tiny square at a time, changing direction as you press buttons.

Flora and I were walking through the palm grove, on mud paths between tiny squares of pale green barley.

Once a week or so accordion music sounds will make feet itch under a canopy of stars in the tiny village square .


Walk carefully, keep to the white squares .

Glover had closed his eyes and seen white squares burned into his lids.

She had religiously adhered to the white squares .



The compellingly simple design of six foot square of sheer glass frightens me.

The room was about twelve foot square and lit by a fluorescent tube running almost the full length of the ceiling.

In Leeds in the early nineteenth century the average cottage was fifteen foot square .


The Little Palace Theatre was situated in a side street running off Fellburn market square .

For decades, townspeople thought his childhood home was a three-story rowhouse near the market square , now a porcelain shop.

The students give it liveliness: motorbikes in the market square and a bit of noise in the bars.

It combines the delightful atmosphere of an Oxford market square with every modern amenity for comfortable and practical living today.

Those who arrived late had to listen to the Archbishop's address relayed over loudspeakers placed around the market square .

Stephen took particular note of it after he had taken Lyn to the Mootwalk and parked the car in the market square .

It must be the market square , Theda decided, glancing about and finding odd shapes that looked like empty barrows.

Jenna was still smiling as she pulled into the market square and locked her car.


He finds 48-50 distinct genotypes present per metre square .


There are far more kangaroos per square mile than humans.


I was leaving an office in a busy New Town square .

Nowadays, the battlefield is an opera stage, at Sebastiani Theatre on the town square .

The old town square was filled with people and the jubilant sound of the marching band as performers juggled fire.

In Fellini, the town square is never felt to be the social center of a community.

Here the narrow streets lead to a town square shaded with trees.

Surrounding the town square were numerous small buildings, including the courthouse.

They jogged round a corner, and found themselves in what passed for the town square of Dead Rat, Arizona.

Try Bashford Court, across the street from the town square .


There is a long promenade to stroll down, but the focal point of the resort is the village square .

The village square has a fine pink and grey frontón, and promising-looking hotels.

The central point is the village square and harbour, and there is also a very pleasant lakeside promenade.

Once a week or so accordion music sounds will make feet itch under a canopy of stars in the tiny village square .

It has a large, imposing church in the recently modernized village square which is complete with fountain and aviary.

When they stopped in the village square , Sergeant Adams gave them leave to sit down while officers went in search of billets.

Ocobamba is a little village with a church, barracks and a village square .



Serve warm, cut into neat squares for tapas, or quarters if it is to be the centrepiece of the meal.

Bake for 50 minutes. Cut into 2-inch squares .

Still staring down, he began to cut another square of bread.

Cool at room temperature and cut into squares .

Pour into greased square pan and cool. Cut into 1-inch squares.

Attach the post anchors to the posts, making sure the post bottoms are cut square and treated with extra wood preservative.

Sprinkle with cheese. Cut into wedges or squares and separate slightly to have crisp edges.


Secondly, the four-strand guilloche which encloses the central square is well drawn, but slightly inferior to the chain-guilloche.


You could then fill the left-hand square with a design and create a mirror image of the design in the right-hand square.

Their job, as they perceived it, was to fill little squares with people.

The Saturday morning market fills two huge squares in the town of Arras and locals also seek the bargains.

The huge crowd proceeded from outside the church to fill the largest square in the city, Karl Marx Square.


Less efficient is square packing where the centres of four adjacent spheres form a square.

I sat down in the chair and began sewing them together until they formed a large square .

It forms a perfect square , with five bays on every side with the huge segmental pediments above.


A number of beautifully modelled playing pieces were now occupying some of the squares .

Our plot occupied a compact square nested in a palm of earth on the eastern side of the river.


3/9/10 etc squared

win (sth)/beat sb fair and square


Have you been to the bank on the square ?


Arrange pheasant pieces on individual plates and place one of the polenta squares on the side of each serving.

Check the saw blade with a square to make sure.

One after another, they gather near the Stone County courthouse square .

The Little Palace Theatre was situated in a side street running off Fellburn market square .

They had been covered with a square of spotted muslin, for decency she supposed.

When a player reaches a black square , they must answer three questions to reach Number 10.

Yesterday, Mr Dubcek's name was chanted at least as loudly as it was in the same square over 21 years ago.

III. verb




He scrubbed the brightwork in the head, squared away his area, made up his rack.

Everything seems squared away , she thinks.


Screened porches were meant to have been added, squaring off the blocks of 100 flats for retired church folk.

Raines retained Abner Burnett of Midland, and the two squared off for a legal battle.

There are 7-8 distinctly flattened, finely rugose arm spines, with the tips squared off .

Phil Gramm, against whom he will square off in the Louisiana caucuses next week, his strongest opponent.

Bikini bottoms look more like high-waisted hot pants, while swimsuits are squared off across the thighs or skirted.

The winner will square off against Phelps, 38, in the November general election.

Cut out your embryo bud as before, but this time squaring off the base rather than the top of the shield.

His face was big and jowly and squared off .


Does your memory square up with Jo's?

He squared up his scholar's stoop and took another deep breath.

More people want to eat meat and the two don't square up .



The attraction of the concept was that it allowed him to square a number of circles at once.

This squaring of the circle is the hardest of their tasks.

There is no sureness of touch, no deft ability to square circles as and when required.

This is as difficult as trying to square a circle .

Where are the leaders who can square this vicious circle ?

The only way of squaring the circle to Moscow's satisfaction would be to send in troops.

On his last point, Labour has manifestly failed to square the circle .

Britain, ever the Atlanticist, tried to square the circle , and usually failed.


The center handles 6, 000 high-altitude planes a day over seven states and more than 3 million square miles of ocean.

Beacon will acquire 3. 3 million square feet of space, bringing its total portfolio to 10 million square feet.


Reagan went through the ceremonies like a President, shoulders squared , features composed, every gesture correct.


The Braves beat the Twins and squared the World Series at two games each.


I have no idea how Eva squared it with her husband, but she did.

Not the least of these is that this does not square very well with the way to is learned by children.

The confused events of the 450s and 460s are not easily squared with the literary image of the period purveyed by Sidonius.

Then she squared her shoulders and headed indoors.

IV. adverb


We must be square in the middle of it.

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