Meaning of SQUARE in English

[square] n [ME, fr. MF esquarre, fr. (assumed) VL exquadra, fr. exquadrare to square, fr. L ex- + quadrare to square--more at quadrate] (13c) 1: an instrument having at least one right angle and two straight edges used esp. to lay out or test right angles

2: a rectangle with all four sides equal

3: any of the quadrilateral spaces marked out on a board for playing games

4: the product of a number multiplied by itself

5. a: an open place or area formed at the meeting of two or more streets b: block 6a

6: a solid object or piece approximating a cube or having a square as its largest face 7: an unopened cotton flower with its enclosing bracts 8: a person who is conventional or conservative in taste or way of life -- on the square 1: at right angles

2: in a fair open manner: honestly -- out of square : not at an exact right angle

[2]square adj squar.er ; squar.est (14c) 1 a: having four equal sides and four right angles b: forming a right angle "~ corner" c: having a square base "a ~ pyramid"

2: raised to the second power 3 a: being approximately a cube "~ cabinet" b: having a shape that is broad for the height and rectangular rather than curving in outline "~ shoulders" "a ~, thick, hard-working man --Maria Edgeworth" c: rectangular and equilateral in section "~ tower"

4. a: being or converted to a unit of area equal in measure to a square each side of which measures one unit of a specified unit of length "a ~ foot" b: being of a specified length in each of two equal dimensions "10 feet ~"

5. a: exactly adjusted: precisely constructed or aligned b: just, fair "a ~ deal" "~ in all his dealings" c: leaving no balance: settled d: even, tied e: substantial, satisfying "~ meal" f: being unsophisticated, conservative, or conventional

6: set at right angles with the mast and keel--used of the yards of a square-rigged ship -- square.ness n [3]square vb squared ; squar.ing vt (14c) 1 a: to make square or rectangular "~ a building stone" b: to test for deviation from a right angle, straight line, or plane surface

2: to bring approximately to a right angle "squared his shoulders" 3 a: to multiply (a number) by itself: raise to the second power b: to find a square equal in area to "~ a circle"

4: to regulate or adjust by or to some standard or principle "~ our actions by the opinions of others --John Milton"

5. a: balance, settle "~ an account" b: to even the score of

6: to mark off into squares

7. a: to set right: bring into agreement b: bribe, fix ~ vi 1: to agree precisely: correspond "your actions should ~ with your words"

2: to settle matters; esp: to pay the bill -- squar.er n [4]square adv (ca. 1582) 1: in a straightforward or honest manner

2. a: so as to face or be face to face b: at right angles

3: with nothing intervening: directly "ran ~ into it"

4: in a firm manner "looked her ~ in the eye"

5: in a square shape

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