Meaning of SQUARE in English

I. ˈskwa(a)](ə)r, -we], ]ə\ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English squyre, square, from Middle French esquerre, esquarre, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin exquadra, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin exquadrare to square, from Latin ex- ex- (I) + quadrare to square — more at quadrate

1. : an instrument with at least one right angle and two or more straight edges used to lay out or test right angles — see combination square , framing square , try square , t square


a. obsolete : the corner or angle of a figure

b. obsolete : the side of a rectangle

c. : a rectangle with all four sides equal — see area table


a. : any of the quadrilateral spaces marked out on a board for playing games

b. : a square piece, surface, or area

a quilt of squares sewn together

square of pavement

c. obsolete : the bosom of a woman's dress

d. : a scarf of a square shape

4. : the product of a number or quantity multiplied by itself

81 is the square of 9

: the second power of a number

5. obsolete : guiding principle : pattern , rule , standard


a. obsolete : justness of workmanship or of conduct

b. obsolete : exact proportion : regularity

c. obsolete : quartile aspect

7. squares plural , obsolete : matters , affairs, things — used in the phrase how go the squares


a. Britain : an open area enclosed by residential buildings and commonly laid out with trees, grass, walks, gardens

b. : an open place or area formed at the meeting of two or more streets

village square

market square

c. : block 5e(1), 5e(2)


a. : a body of troops formed in solid or hollow rectangle with the ranks that form the sides facing outwards

the brave squares of war — Shakespeare

b. : square dance 1

c. : set 36b

d. : a figure in square dancing performed by moving successively forward, sideward, backward, sideward


a. : the upper part of the shank of an anchor to which the stock is attached

b. : the square-ended projection in a clock or watch turned by the key in winding

winding square


a. : a solid object or piece approximating a cube or having a square as its largest face

square of cheese

butter squares

b. : a molding of square section

c. : a rolled or machined piece (as of steel) with a square section

rounds, bars, and squares are available

12. : an unopened cotton flower with its enclosing bracts

13. : the portion of the board of a book cover that projects beyond the edge of the leaves at the top, fore edge, or bottom

an adequate square at the fore edge

14. : a builder's unit of floor or roof area equal to 100 square feet

so many shingles per square

also : the number of roofing slates or shingles needed per square

15. : a strong iron frame in a spinning mule to which the carriages are secured

16. : a person who is an outsider or adversary because of the conventionality, conservatism, or respectability of his taste, behavior, or way of life : one who is not in the know : fogy ; also : dupe , sucker — compare bourgeois , philistine

- at square

- by the square

- on the square

- out of square

II. adjective

( -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English, modification (influenced by Middle French esquarre square) of Middle French escarré, past participle of escarrer to square, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin exquadrare


a. : having four equal sides and four right angles

b. : forming a right angle

square corner


a. : having a width nearly equal to the height and rectangular rather than curving outline

square cabinet

square house

b. : of a shape suggesting strength and solidity

square jaw

square shoulders

c. of a hand : having the palm square at the wrist and at the base of square fingers and usually held by palmists to indicate qualities of order, practicality, and common sense

d. : rectangular and equilateral in section

square tower

square rod

pushing square pegs into round holes


a. of a unit of length : converted from a linear unit into a square unit of area having the same length of side : squared

square foot

b. : being of a specified length in each of two equal dimensions — used after the term of measurement

a room ten feet square

a 50 foot square courtyard


a. : exactly adjusted or correspondent : precisely constructed or aligned

b. : just , fair , honest , straightforward

square in all his dealings

wanted to do the square thing

a good, square , explicit fallacy that can be squarely met and … refuted — C.S.Peirce

c. : leaving no balance : settled

make an account square

d. : even , tied

the golfers were all square on the 17th hole

e. : substantial , satisfying

square meal

f. of a horse's gait : smooth and regular in movement

g. : having unsophisticated or conservative tastes especially in entertainment : belonging to or characteristic of the respectable law-abiding tradition-bound classes of society

square audience

some square music

also : legitimate , legal

the car has square plates on it

square name


a. : set at right angles with the mast and keel — used of the yards of a square-rigged ship

b. : at right angles to a line drawn from wicket to wicket and usually in line with the batting crease — used of cricket fielding positions, fieldsmen, and hits

a square cut

— compare fine


a. : markedly regular in rhythmic and harmonic structure

square melody

b. of a military group : based primarily on four units

square army division

— compare triangular

7. : woven with an equal number of warp and weft threads per inch

- get square with

III. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English squaren, modification (influenced by Middle French esquarre square) of Middle French escarrer to square, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin exquadrare — more at square (n.)

transitive verb


a. : to form with right angles and straight edges or flat surfaces : make square or rectangular

square a building stone

square a timber

square the end of a board

b. : to measure in order to find or test the deviation from a right angle, straight line, or plane surface : apply a try square to

2. : to bring approximately to a right angle

thrust out his chin and squared his shoulders

stood with feet apart and elbows squared

square the yards of a ship


a. : to multiply (a number or quantity) by itself : raise to the second power

b. : to find a square equal in area to

square a circle

c. : to be equal to a square of (a specified size)

squared ten feet and ten inches — J.H.Bond

4. : to compare with or reduce to a selected standard : adjust , regulate , shape

square our actions by the opinions of others — John Milton


a. : to make even so as to leave no remainder or difference : balance , settle

square an account

b. : to even the score of (a contest)

square a ball game

6. : to hold a quartile position respecting

April, when Jupiter squares his Pluto-Mars conjunction in the earthy sign of Taurus — Time

7. : to mark the surface of (as a paper, a drawing) into squares — often used with off


a. : to set right : straighten out : bring into harmonious relation — used with with

the corporation must, if it is to survive, square itself with the basic beliefs of the American people — E.C.Lindeman

untamed feudal noble could square a good deal of anticlericalism with a conscience that had a … horror of … heresy — D.W.Brogan


(1) : to induce to favorable or satisfactory action or attitude by means of a bribe

square a watchman

(2) : to settle by or as if by a bribe : fix

a friend in city hall can square the rap

intransitive verb

1. : conform , fit — used with with

making his story square with a larger independent body of ideas — Charles Frankel

2. obsolete : to take an opposite position : quarrel — used with with

3. : to settle matters ; especially : to pay the bill — usually used with for or up

squared for his meal and left the diner

square up and go home

4. : to take a fighting stance — often used with up or off

surprised when he suddenly squared up to me

a man squared off for his own pride in those days — Gene Tunney

Synonyms: see agree

- square a valve

- square by the lifts and braces

IV. adverb

Etymology: square (II)

1. : straightforwardly , honestly

came square out with the truth

always treated him square


a. : so as to face or be face to face

the house stood square to the road

b. : at right angles

the path turned square to the left

3. : with nothing intervening or deflecting : head on : directly

ran square into me

coat buttoned square to the chin

a hole lay square in the middle of the road

4. : firmly , solidly

looked him square in the eye

planted his great bulk square before his enemy

5. : in a square shape : so as to form a square

cut a diamond square

fold a sheet of paper square

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