Meaning of STROKE in English


I. noun


a piece/stroke of luck (= something good that happens by chance )

What a piece of luck that he arrived when he did!

a stroke of genius (= a very clever idea )

At the time, his appointment seemed a stroke of genius.

at/on the stroke of midnight (= at exactly midnight )

The treaty will come into force on the stroke of midnight tonight.

ground stroke

massive stroke/heart attack etc

He suffered a massive stroke.

stroke a cat

Our cat won't let you stroke it.

stroke/rub your chin (= stroke it in a way that shows you are thinking about something )

He stroked his chin and then seemed to come to a decision.

suffer a heart attack/stroke

He died after suffering a massive heart attack.




Mr Major has taken plenty of decisions - Norman Lamont's budget was full of bold strokes .

Hess's synthesis was a bold stroke of intuition.

One or two more bold strokes of the pen could wrap it up for Kenny!

A single bold stroke can not resolve political difficulties as fundamental as those Mondale faced and Dole now confronts.

Dole can opt for some one out of the blue, making a bold stroke and hoping to demonstrate a spirit of adventure.


All the orchestral music from 1784 onwards is conceived in broader strokes , while the solo parts become ever more complex.

The broadest strokes of that blueprint are already in place.


He used small gouges to carve little tufts of fur with long , controlled strokes , following the marked lines.

Shave legs with long smooth strokes from ankle to knee and from knee to thigh.

He says that you must start on the triangle and continue in long strokes .

Return to the long stroke with which you began in Step 1.

The Veronese prefer a longer , Gothic stroke .


He died suddenly of another massive stroke three and a half years after his original illness.

In April 1991, ten months after reelection, Molly suffered a massive stroke that incapacitated her for months.

But I am sorry to tell you that he passed away on after a massive stroke .

Bill Dailey, 54, a bartender at the downtown Radisson Hotel, also bounded back from a massive stroke .


Start at your palms with soft, short strokes and brush towards the heart.

To apply, stretch your eyelid until it is taut, and line with a series of short , connected strokes .

In the plane of the sunlit grass, for example, the paint is applied in short strokes laid over one another.

The short flats are good for this; they are also useful for blocking in colour and for short strokes .


At a single stroke of fate, Mikhail Vologsky was nothing, with only uncertainty to look forward to.

A single bold stroke can not resolve political difficulties as fundamental as those Mondale faced and Dole now confronts.

The recognition of cursive script is much more difficult because several characters can be written with a single stroke .

Each path was only a single stroke , as in a pencil rubbing from a leaf.

These strokes are very much more effective than single strokes.

Eddie won by a single stroke only after a back nine countback.

The evolution of such a plant could not have been achieved at a single stroke .

A macro is a string of instructions executed with a single key stroke .



Her brush strokes mimic the uncertainty.

Every brush stroke told a story.

From the corner of my eye, I saw my frightened cousins obediently practicing their first brush strokes .


The current classic paddle strokes are fine in certain circumstance but there are other occasions when different techniques are needed.

Having defined our new paddle stroke we need to check it.

A paddle stroke is like any other model or diagram which is used to pass on information.

Compare this map with the forward sweep paddle stroke that we teach in the Star tests.

Like the map, the taught sweep paddle stroke is unlike the real sweep stroke but still very useful.

Our new paddle stroke is therefore probably correct.

The real stroke and the paddle stroke will drift apart in style over the years.

We now need to respond to this change by adopting a new forward paddle stroke when coaching in shorter boats.


We acknowledge that stroke patients may be classified in the progressive or non-progressive disorder category.

Surprisingly, the language problems produced by other forms of damage do not necessarily follow these principles derived from stroke patients .

Those available will be busy rehabilitating stroke patients , who take priority.

He had been caring for a stroke patient who seemed to understand much of what was said to him.

The care of stroke patients involves a plethora of different health and social care workers.

A 75-year-old stroke patient died there last December when he fell from a trolley outside the casualty unit.

These studies are intended to describe precisely the types of difficulty in recognising faces experienced by some stroke patients .

It may also help to boost the spirits and is used in the care of stroke patients who are left feeling despondent.


He saved a penalty stroke from Simon Dawson six minutes from the end of normal time.

Green scored from a penalty stroke and a fine open-play goal before Yvonne Ayshford got Midlands' consolation goal almost on time.

The changes proved successful and Gregs won an early, though dubious, penalty stroke .

They won Saturday's game 1-0, Vickey Dixon scoring from a penalty stroke .


Mrs thomas, a stroke victim who walked with the aid of a zimmer frame, collapsed and died just after.

Some stroke victims recover on their own; the study will determine how many, and whether mo re recover on tPA.

Later Caroline specialised in Special Needs classes and introduced the first class to help stroke victims .

Members are involved in Cambuslang with a club for stroke victims .



Frail Kathleen Lillyman, 61, died of a stroke after Raymond Oxborough's attack.

On 10 April 1911 Ras Tasamma, the Regent, died of a stroke .

But the funeral of Mr Whitelaw, who died of a stroke , will go ahead as planned today.


DeFreitas played a daffy stroke: he tried to pull one from Cairns which was not short enough.

He had already blown his chances and perhaps that was why he played a relaxed stroke .


The rebel Duke had suffered five strokes of the axe.

It was always at this point that Takat seemed to suffer a stroke .

Early in 1934 she suffered a stroke and died 10 January peacefully in her sleep.

Mr Kelly, who had suffered strokes in 1994 and 1995, died in his sleep, his publicist said.

Some people's behaviour changes after they have suffered a stroke .

In April 1991, ten months after reelection, Molly suffered a massive stroke that incapacitated her for months.

He's suffered 3 strokes in the last year and chose one of the wettest days of autumn to have a go.

King Fahd, 73, suffered a mild stroke in November.


oblique line/stroke etc

Also it should be lit at night and have traffic cones placed in an oblique line on the approach to it.

The apparent movement of both the lion and the Cupids along an imaginary, oblique line is largely responsible for this effect.

The gill openings were arranged in an oblique line as in lampreys.


Aspin died suddenly of a stroke .

He paints the pictures with a series of quick strokes.

If we talked back to the teacher, we got two strokes on the palm.

the back stroke

The most complex Chinese character contains 64 strokes.

With our first paddle strokes, the canoe started moving rapidly down the river.


But this latest phase has now also emboldened Bush to press forward with his agenda in strong, conservative strokes.

The stroke that brought my father down was enveloped in its own ironies.

The next stroke is called pulling, and is done along the sides of the body.

We all long for the grand stroke that will turn schools around and suddenly solve all our problems.

What is temporary paralysis in half the face next to the crippling paralysis of a stroke ?

II. verb




However, by patient wheedling and soft talk I managed to touch her and gently stroked her cheek with one finger.

Late one night I stirred from a deep sleep to find Dad sitting beside my bed, gently stroking my hair.

With the other he gently stroked his hair.

Gently stroke the entire face with gentle upward movements as in Step 4. 14.

She saw he was nervous, and encouraged him by gently stroking his neck and shoulders.



As Pamela walked towards them Tim stroked his wife's arm in a long, slow, sensual gesture.

She strokes her arm , pats her shoulder, smiles up at her.

I stroked her arms and her back.

Tiny hands stroked his arms and began to explore his outer pockets.

At one point I began stroking his arm to slow him down.

I stroke his arm and I notice the hairs are raised in their follicles.


And he remained ice cool to stroke the ball home with his renowned touch of arrogance.


The MI5 man pondered for a moment and stroked his beard .

That at least made Pinkus stroke his beard again.

He laughed a bit and stroked his beard a bit.

Exactly, White answers, stroking his beard .

Tait stroked his beard again with long, elegant fingers, appraising her with colourless eyes.

He stroked his beard and then scratched irritably through it.

He stroked at his beard for a second.


Why does a cat sometimes bite the hand that strokes it?

First the owner starts to stroke the cat , tickle its ear, or gently rub its head.


However, by patient wheedling and soft talk I managed to touch her and gently stroked her cheek with one finger.

I stroke her lifeless cheek , and as I do the deep purple bruises seem to fade a little.

She was stroking Louis's cheek and whispering to him reassuringly.

Mary had spent a little time in close conversation with him and even stroked his cheek at one stage.

When he rolled away from her, she idly pulled a frond of fern and stroked it down his cheek .


She reached up and stroked his chin .

Derek began to stroke his double chin .

He began thoughtfully stroking his chin .

Cantor slowly stroked his chin while staring at Stafford.

Lufkin stroked his chin , as if contemplating her request.


The strange thing is that we often offer ego stroking to those we love, but forget to do it for ourselves!

The Ego likes to be stroked .

Feeding and nurturing comes next and we can call these the ego stroking exercises.


She stroked his face , traced his strongly-curved lips with her finger, and kissed him lightly.

They come to me and sit down on my bed, singing songs and stroking my face .

Tallis went to the makeshift corral and let the animal out, stroking her bruised face , patting her flanks.

Gently stroke the entire face with gentle upward movements as in Step 4. 14.

The man stroked her face and hair, soothed her whimpering, kissed her bruises, shushed in her ear.


Something like a rough finger stroked the back of her neck.


She stroked Anna's forehead , as much to quieten her own resentment as to soothe Anna.

He sat on the stool at the head of the bed and stroked my forehead and my hair.

I stroke Timmy's forehead more and more lightly, until I am stroking empty air.

She would get really worried and stroke my forehead and plead with me not to talk about dying.


We watched as Christopher's expression changed slowly from shock to amazement to joy as he stroked the animal's fur .


Fingers ran through her hair , stroked her throat, gently probed her mouth.

There was lots of kissing and hair-stroking going on, which always makes onlookers feel rather frigid and inadequate.

He felt his hair being stroked and opened both eyes.

She felt the comfort of his hand against her hair , stroking back the curls.


Her hands stroked the silk of his skin with bold pleasure.

He was starting to feel nervous; his hands stroked the steering wheel.

Ludens knew that Patrick longed to touch Marcus, to hold his hand , to stroke his sleeve, but dared not.

He flexed his hand and stroked a talon across his own forearm.

She took him in her hand , stroked him.

Her eyes flew open as Roman kissed her again, his hands stroking the soft shoulders, revealed by her scanty nightdress.

His hand was stroking a rug flung over the stable door.


I shift myself a stair higher, so that I can reach up and stroke my son's head .

Maggie crooned to him and stroked his head .

I would stroke his head and hand to let him know I was lying there beside him.

I half hope he's awake, so that I can go in and sit with him, and stroke his head .

I should stroke his head , but how can I do a thing like that?

With my other hand I stroked his head , the side of his face.


Instead, she stroked his neck and then closed her hand very gently over him.

One handler, cradling his bird in his arms, whispers to it and strokes its neck .

Her jealous rage subsided; she stroked the horse's neck .

She stroked its neck , led it away from the interested crowd and over to the grass.

She saw he was nervous, and encouraged him by gently stroking his neck and shoulders.


Ann took the baby in her arms and stroked his cheek.

Figo stroked the ball over Martinez's head.

He knew he had to tolerate Haley, stroke him some, and wait for his rage to subside.

Her mother sat beside her and stroked her forehead until she fell asleep again.

Miss Poole calmed herself by stroking the cat's fur.

The old priest stroked his white beard as he listened.


He laughed a bit and stroked his beard a bit.

Lyn stroked him and reminded him she would be back at lunchtime.

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