Meaning of STROKE in English


I. ˈstrōk transitive verb

( stroked ; strok·ing )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English strācian; akin to Old High German strīhhan to stroke — more at strike

Date: before 12th century

1. : to rub gently in one direction ; also : caress

2. : to flatter or pay attention to in a manner designed to reassure or persuade

• strok·er noun

II. noun

Etymology: Middle English; akin to Old English strīcan to stroke — more at strike

Date: 13th century

1. : the act of striking ; especially : a blow with a weapon or implement

2. : a single unbroken movement ; especially : one of a series of repeated or to-and-fro movements


a. : a controlled swing intended to hit a ball or shuttlecock ; also : a striking of the ball

b. : such a stroke charged to a player as a unit of scoring in golf


a. : a sudden action or process producing an impact

a stroke of lightning

b. : an unexpected result

a stroke of luck

5. : sudden diminution or loss of consciousness, sensation, and voluntary motion caused by rupture or obstruction (as by a clot) of a blood vessel of the brain — called also apoplexy, cerebrovascular accident


a. : one of a series of propelling beats or movements against a resisting medium

a stroke of the oar

b. : a rower who sets the pace for a crew


a. : a vigorous or energetic effort by which something is done, produced, or accomplished

a stroke of genius

a brilliant diplomatic stroke

b. : a delicate or clever touch in a narrative, description, or construction

8. : heartbeat

9. : the movement in either direction of a mechanical part (as a piston) having a reciprocating motion ; also : the distance of such movement

10. : the sound of a bell being struck

at the stroke of twelve

also : the specific time indicated by or as if by such a sound


[ stroke (I)]

: an act of stroking or caressing


a. : a mark or dash made by a single movement of an implement

b. : one of the lines of a letter of the alphabet

- at a stroke

III. verb

( stroked ; strok·ing )

Date: 1597

transitive verb


a. : to mark with a short line

stroke the t 's

b. : to cancel by drawing a line through

stroked out his name

2. : to set the stroke for (a rowing crew) ; also : to set the stroke for the crew of (a rowing boat)

3. : hit ; especially : to propel (a ball) with a controlled swinging blow

intransitive verb

1. : to execute a stroke

2. : to row at a certain number of strokes a minute

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.