Meaning of THREAD in English


I. noun


a needle and thread

I got a needle and thread and sewed the button back on.

cotton thread (= long thin cotton string that you use for sewing )

I need some dark blue cotton thread.

thread a needle

Eleanor threaded the needle.




Alarmed, they drop quickly and remain suspended at the end of fine silk-like threads .

The finer the threads , the higher the count and the softer the fabric will be.

Use fine thread; silk thread with silk fabrics, and synthetic thread with synthetic fabrics.


It was raven black and the hair was entwined with a slim rope of gold thread and opals.

The coats were ornately if not fabulously stitched with over a mile of gold thread .

The gold threads and the jewels woven through it sparkled in the light of the lamps.

One was of black and orange and yellow lace, with gold thread in it.


He should have read the writing on the machine they gave him to spin the golden thread .

Yet there seems to be a dearth of people arguing consistently using a golden thread methodology.

Soon Maggie held a golden ball of thread and St Margaret had one end of it firmly attached to her finger.


She adjusted the loose threads in one hand and held the distaff in the other.

Pete sounded muffled. and as he turned Marcus noticed that he too had a loose thread on his shirt.

The loose thread in this rotten tapestry is Vechey.

There was a loose thread on one of Carter's shirt buttons.

Anxiously, Marcus scanned Gleeson's shirt: no loose threads .


She was knitting a cloth with gold and silver thread .

Turakina had on a gown into which were woven gold and silver threads .

The silver thread of a stream ran down to a crescent-shaped beach.

A caterpillar dangled in front of me, hanging in mid-air by a silver thread attached to an oak tree twig.

For evening wear, using a gold or silver thread instead of cotton can add sparkle to your knitting.


Gingerly, she crawls across this pilot line, trailing behind her a thicker, stronger thread .

There is a strong thread of historical connection between the three.

It was so strong , so intangible yet so strong, this thread of awareness running between them.


Ruby laser light stitched the interior of the sanctum like thinnest threads of stronger flame within a dully glowing oven.

It is a cage, suspended from the ceiling by the thinnest of threads .

Ventilators hiss and sigh, answering each other across the unit, while thin life-threads move over monitors.

The finest of these thin threads of glass are extremely soft and flexible, and are a light golden brown in colour.



It was built as a monument to Thomas Coats, the man who had established the family's cotton thread empire.

When you knit punch lace, the cotton thread in feeder 2 knits every needle on every row.

It's the needles that knit the cotton thread only that give the lacy effect.

Normally punch lace is shown knitted with a cotton thread that is the same colour as a main yarn.

On a Chunky machine an alternative to cotton thread is one end of 2/30 industrial yarn.


Hair is a marvellous natural fibre - you could almost compare it to pure silk thread .

A layer of stiff silk threads separated the two.

Those photographs: a silk thread held either side of her nose, just tilting it up slightly ....

A length of yarn to cut into four equal pieces, and besides that, some white silk thread and tinfoil.

Use fine thread; silk thread with silk fabrics, and synthetic thread with synthetic fabrics.

That's not a hair the axeman says it's a silk thread , a grass blade, the moth's antennae.



He should have read the writing on the machine they gave him to spin the golden thread .

They were three, Clotho, the Spinner, who spun the thread of life.

These were similar to miniature flywheels and added extra momentum while spinning the thread .

The daughters of the night, they were Clotho, who spun the thread of life.

One spun the thread of life, the second measured it and the third cut it.


hang by a thread

Ed was just hanging by a thread.

His job is hanging by a thread, as it is.

Hopes of a title hat-trick hang by a thread, but all is not quite lost.

Liputin's teeth are by no means the only things that hang by a thread.

pick up the threads (of sth)

The good thing is that he's trying to pick up the threads of his life again.

Enough to do picking up the threads of his own life.

She gradually started to pick up the threads of her life.


A strong thread of spirituality runs through L'Engle's books.

I tried to hold on to a thread of decency and courage.


All these threads, and more, entwine in the lines of longitude.

As a result theoretical discourses are traversed by narrative structures which form a hidden thread running through the argument.

But there will be a connective thread through it all.

Each can be the thread that connects children to an engagement with geography, history, and the like.

She was knitting a cloth with gold and silver thread .

They were three, Clotho, the Spinner, who spun the thread of life.

This fabric seems infinite, and its threads worm their way into the natural core that Claire and Jay have formed.

II. verb




It reminded me of Mrs Patrick Campbell, who, according to Shaw, could thread a needle with her toes.

He sat with Lula while she quilted, threading needles for her and telling her about his day.

Even many conservatives agree that Clinton has threaded that needle more effectively than they expected.


Thread the beads on a string and make a necklace.


A tip for threading up Silver Reed or Knitmaster machines.

He threaded the pen back through her fingers, gently.

Huong was already threading his machine.

Rather, the guitar and drum set seem like obbligato instruments, threading their way through the varied and highly imaginative texture.

Some of the tunnels must have run for miles, winding in and out of the channels of water that threaded everywhere.

Steel threaded through her muscles, and her senses became as sharp as a cat's.

They missed his knack of threading the play together and didn't produce their usual rhythm.

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