Meaning of THREAD in English


I. thread 1 /θred/ BrE AmE noun

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: thræd ]

1 . FOR SEWING [uncountable and countable] a long thin string of cotton, silk etc used to sew or weave cloth:

I’m looking for a needle and thread.

hand-sewn with gold and silver thread

a spool of thread (=small object that thread is wound around)

2 . IDEAS [singular] an idea, feeling, or feature that connects the different parts of an explanation, story etc:

a common thread running within his work

His mind wandered, and he lost the thread of what she was saying (=was no longer able to understand it) .

a thread running through the film

thread of

a thread of spirituality in her work

3 . pick up the thread(s) to begin something again after a long period, especially a relationship or way of life:

They had known each other as children, and were picking up the threads of their friendship.

4 . INTERNET [countable] a series of messages concerning the same subject, written by members of an Internet discussion group:

I’d like to refer to something that was posted in an earlier thread.

5 . LINE [countable] literary a long thin line of something, such as light, smoke etc

thread of

The Colorado River was just a thread of silver, 4000 feet below.

6 .

ON A SCREW [countable] a continuous raised line of metal that winds around the curved surface of a screw

7 . threads [plural] American English old-fashioned clothes

⇨ hang by a thread at ↑ hang 1 (9)

II. thread 2 BrE AmE verb [transitive usually + adverb/preposition]

1 . to put a thread, string, rope etc through a hole:

Will you thread the needle for me?

thread something through something

Tom threaded the rope through the safety harness.

2 . to put a film, tape etc correctly through parts of a camera, ↑ projector , or ↑ tape recorder

3 . to connect two or more objects by pushing something such as string through a hole in them:

Sue threaded the glass beads onto a piece of heavy string.

4 . thread your way through/into something etc to move through a place by carefully going around things that are blocking your way:

She came towards me, threading her way through the crowd.

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