Meaning of BURN UP in English


burn up phrasal verb ( see also ↑ burn )

1 . if something burns up or is burnt up, it is completely destroyed by fire or heat:

The satellite will burn up as it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

burn something ↔ up

Most of the woodland has now been burnt up.

2 . burn something ↔ up informal to use a lot of something in a careless way:

Most household appliances burn up loads of electricity.

He just burns up money!

3 . be burning up spoken if someone is burning up, they are very hot, usually because they are ill:

Feel his forehead – he’s burning up.

4 . burn somebody up American English informal to make someone very angry:

The way he treats her really burns me up.

5 . burn something ↔ up to use energy that is stored in your body, by being physically active:

As we get older, our body becomes less efficient at burning up calories.

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