Meaning of INTO in English

in ‧ to S1 W1 /ˈɪntə; before vowels ˈɪntʊ; strong ˈɪntuː/ BrE AmE preposition

[ Language: Old English ]

1 . TO THE INSIDE OF SOMETHING to the inside or inner part of a container, place, area etc:

Come into the office.

He thrust his hand into his coat pocket.

There must be another way into the cave.

Sue got back into bed and pulled the quilt over her head.

I’ve got to go into town this morning.

We dived into the sea.

2 . BECOMING INVOLVED used to say that someone becomes involved in a situation or activity, or becomes part of a group:

At the age of 16, I went into the printing trade as an apprentice.

They tried to drag me into their quarrel.

a player who deserves to get back into the England team

3 . CHANGING used to say that someone or something starts being in a different state or form:

She fell into a deep sleep.

The whole banking system was thrown into confusion.

I screwed my wet handkerchief into a ball.

Cut the cake into pieces.

Neruda’s poems have been translated into English.

4 . HITTING SOMETHING used to say that a person or vehicle hits someone or something after moving towards them:

He almost bumped into me as he rushed past.

The car swerved and crashed into the wall.

5 . DIRECTION in a particular direction:

They rode off into the sunset.

Make sure you’re speaking directly into the microphone.

6 . TIME at or until a certain time:

Andy and I talked well into the night.

John was well into his forties before he got married.

7 . FINDING OUT used to say what someone is trying to find out information about:

an investigation into the events leading up to his death

I’ve been doing some research into this.

8 . DIVIDING NUMBERS spoken used when you are dividing one number by another:

Eight into twenty-four is three.

9 . be into something spoken to like and be interested in something:

I’m really into folk music.

10 . be into somebody American English informal to owe someone money:

He’s into me for $50.

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