Meaning of TRANSLATION in English


trans ‧ la ‧ tion /trænsˈleɪʃ ə n, trænz-/ BrE AmE noun

1 . [uncountable and countable] when you translate something, or something that has been translated

translation of

a new translation of the Bible

translation from

a literal translation from Arabic

She read the letter and gave us a rough translation (=she did not translate everything exactly) .

I’ve only read ‘Madame Bovary’ in translation (=not in its original language) .

Much of the book’s humour has been lost in translation (=is no longer effective when translated) .

2 . [uncountable] formal the process of changing something into a different form

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■ verbs

▪ do/make a translation of something

She had done a translation of the poem.

■ adjectives

▪ a rough/free translation (=one that is not very exact)

It’s a rough translation but I think the meaning is clear.

▪ an accurate/exact translation

The most accurate translation of the word would be ‘master’.

▪ a literal translation (=one in which each word is translated exactly)

First make a literal translation and then try and put it into idiomatic English.

▪ an English/French etc translation

He wrote the first English translation of Homer’s 'Iliad'.

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