Meaning of TRANSLATION in English


I. tran(t)ˈslāshən, traan-, -nzˈl- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English translacioun, from Middle French or Latin; Middle French translation, from Latin translation-, translatio, from translatus (suppletive past participle of transferre to transfer, translate) + -ion-, -io -ion

: an act, process, or instance of translating: as

a. : a rendering from one language or representational system into another

translation is an art that involves the re-creation of a work in another language for readers with a different background — Malcolm Cowley

also : the product of such a rendering

collaborated on a Chippewa grammar and on translations of the Bible — American Guide Series: Minnesota

is in possession of a single cipher message with its translation — W.W.R.Ball

b. : the removal, transfer, or conveyance from one place or condition to another

the bishop's translation to a different see

promotion and translation to a higher … sphere of activity — Harold Stein

his translation to an unaccustomed office life — Manfred Nathan

c. : a change or alteration to a different substance, form, or appearance : transformation , transmutation , conversion

a mechanical translation of sound into light and color — Leon Becker

the translation of the scientific knowledge into practical instruments — Lewis Mumford

the translation of the common will into action — Clement Attlee

the translation of habits of life and modes of thought into wood and stone — American Guide Series: Connecticut

an almost immediate translation from reality to art — Marya Mannes

d. Roman and Scots law : a transfer of property ; especially : an assignment by an assignee of a debt by deed to another


(1) : a shift in position without rotation

(2) : translational or translatory motion

f. : the automatic repeating or forwarding of a message (as by a telegraphic relay)

g. : a moving of rectangular axes parallel to themselves

II. noun

: the process of forming a protein molecule at a ribosomal site of protein synthesis from information contained in messenger RNA — compare transcription herein

• translational adjective

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