Meaning of FINISH in English

I. verb Etymology: Middle English finisshen, from Anglo-French finiss-, stem of finir, from Latin finire, from finis Date: 14th century intransitive verb 1. to come to an end ; terminate , end 1b, 2. to come to the end of a course, task, or undertaking, to end relations, to end a competition in a specified manner or position , transitive verb 1. to bring to an end ; terminate , to use or dispose of entirely , 2. to bring to completion or issue , to provide with a ~, 3. to defeat or ruin utterly and finally , to bring about the death of, see: close ~er noun II. noun Date: 1779 something that completes or perfects: as, the fine or decorative work required for a building or one of its parts, a ~ing material used in painting, the final treatment or coating of a surface, the taste in the mouth after swallowing a beverage (as wine), 2. final stage ; end , the cause of one's ruin, the result or product of a ~ing process , the quality or state of being perfected

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