Meaning of FINISH in English

/ ˈfɪnɪʃ; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb


to stop doing sth or making sth because it is complete :

[ vn ]

Haven't you finished your homework yet?

She finished law school last year.

a beautifully finished piece of furniture

He put the finishing touches to his painting (= did the things that made it complete) .

[ v -ing ]

Be quiet! He hasn't finished speaking.

[ v ]

I thought you'd never finish!

[also v speech ]


to come to an end; to bring sth to an end :

[ v ]

The play finished at 10.30.

The symphony finishes with a flourish.

[ vn ]

A cup of coffee finished the meal perfectly.


[ vn ] finish sth (off / up) to eat, drink or use what remains of sth :

He finished off his drink with one large gulp.

We might as well finish up the cake.


to be in a particular state or position at the end of a race or a competition :

[ v - adj ]

She was delighted to finish second.

The dollar finished the day slightly down.

[ v ]

He finished 12 seconds outside the world record.


[ vn ] finish sb (off) ( informal ) to make sb so tired or impatient that they cannot do any more :

Climbing that hill really finished me off.

A lecture from my parents now would just finish me.


- finish sb/sth off

- finish sth off

- finish up ...

- finish with sb

- finish with sth

- finish (up) with sth

■ noun


[ C , usually sing. ] the last part or the end of sth :

a dramatic finish to the race

It was a close finish , as they had predicted.

They won in the end but it was a tight finish .

The story was a lie from start to finish .

I want to see the job through to the finish .

—see also photo finish


[ C , U ] the last covering of paint, polish, etc. that is put onto the surface of sth; the condition of the surface :

a gloss / matt finish

furniture available in a range of finishes


[ C , U ] the final details that are added to sth to make it complete :

The bows will give a feminine finish to the curtains.


see fight verb



Middle English : from Old French feniss- , lengthened stem of fenir , from Latin finire , from finis end.

Oxford Advanced Learner's English Dictionary.      Оксфордский английский словарь для изучающик язык на продвинутом уровне.