Meaning of FINISH in English

v. 1 stop, conclude, end, cease When you have finished eating, please clear the table 2 complete, accomplish, perfect, achieve, carry out, fulfil, consummate, clinch, write 'finis' to, Colloq wrap up We finished the work on time 3 Sometimes, finish off. dispose of, dispatch or despatch, exhaust, consume, eat or drink (up), use (up), devour, drain, Colloq polish off We finished the last of the beer last night 4 Sometimes, finish off. kill, exterminate, annihilate, destroy, get rid of, dispose of, dispatch or despatch, put an end to, administer or deliver or give the coup de grâce, bring down, overcome, beat, defeat, conquer, best, worst, Colloq polish off, terminate, Slang bump off, rub out, US waste, ice The cavalry finished off the last of the enemy The contender was finished in the third round. 5 Sometimes, finish up. conclude, close, terminate, wind up, end, culminate He goes straight home when he finishes work When will you finish? 6 Sometimes, finish up. end up, settle Where did you finish up after the party? 7 Sometimes, finish off perfect, put the final touches on, polish, put a finish on He finishes fine furniture for a living 8 finish with. release, let go, have or be done with, let loose, set free I'll finish with you later, young man!

n. 9 conclusion, termination, end, close, closing, completion, culmination, ending, finale, Colloq winding up, US wind-up Tomorrow is the finish of the hunting season 10 death, killing, annihilation, extermination, downfall, destruction, defeat A major catastrophe spelt the finish of the dinosaurs 11 polish, surface, texture: Just feel the finish on this gunstock!

Oxford thesaurus English vocab.      Английский словарь Оксфорд тезаурус.