Meaning of FORWARD in English


I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Old English foreweard, from fore- + -weard -ward Date: before 12th century 1. near, being at, or belonging to the forepart, situated in advance, 2. strongly inclined ; ready , lacking modesty or reserve ; brash , notably advanced or developed ; precocious , moving, tending, or leading toward a position in front, 5. advocating an advanced policy in the direction of what is considered progress, extreme , radical , of, relating to, or getting ready for the future , ~ly adverb ~ness noun II. adverb Date: before 12th century to or toward what is ahead or in front , III. transitive verb Date: 1596 to help onward ; promote , 2. to send ~ ; transmit , to send or ship onward from an intermediate post or station in transit , see: advance IV. noun Date: 1879 a player who plays at the front of his team's formation near the goal at which his team is attempting to score

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