Meaning of FORWARD in English

adj. 1 advance, leading, foremost, front, head, first The forward contingents of the army moved into the town 2 bold, pert, impudent, brash, insolent, impertinent, disrespectful, brazen, audacious, rash, unashamed, unabashed, saucy, flippant, presumptuous, cheeky, Colloq flip, fresh, pushy It was a bit forward of you to call the chairman by his nickname 3 (well-)advanced, (well-)developed, progressive, precocious, forward-looking She was quite a forward girl at fifteen

adv. 4 forwards, ahead, onward, along; clockwise, deasil I moved forward to the head of the queue Set the clock forward an hour tonight. 5 up, out, forth, to the fore, into consideration, into view, into the open, to the surface, on to the table Cooper brought forward an interesting proposal

v. 6 advance, further, promote, back, foster, support, aid, assist, help; patronize, encourage, nourish, nurse along He did his best to forward her career 7 dispatch or despatch, send, ship, deliver, transmit, express, post, mail, consign, remit; send on The shipment will be forwarded as soon as payment is received The post office will forward mail to my new address. 8 speed (up), accelerate, advance, hasten, expedite, hurry, quicken, step up This mixture is said to forward the flowering of plants

Oxford thesaurus English vocab.      Английский словарь Оксфорд тезаурус.