Meaning of FORWARD in English


I. ˈfȯrwərd, ˈfȯ(ə)wəd also in the South ˈfärwərd, ˈfȧwəd sometimes ˈfȯrəd adjective

( sometimes -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English forward, foreward, from Old English foreweard fore, former, toward the front, from fore- + -weard -ward


a. : near, at, or belonging to the forepart

the forward gun in a ship

b. : situated in advance

baggage is carried in the forward cars

c. : of, being, or situated in or near the immediate vicinity of an area of actual opposition or conflict of military forces

arranging forward transport

a forward area


a. : strongly inclined : anxious , eager , ready

always forward to criticize his neighbors

b. archaic : ardent , spirited , zealous

c. : tending to push oneself forward : lacking proper modesty and reserve : brash , bold , indecorous

badly disciplined children are often distressingly forward

a flashy forward young woman

3. : notably advanced or developed : precocious

the child was very forward at walking


(1) of vegetation : advanced in growth beyond what is normal for the season

a location sheltered from late sun avoids too forward blossom which might be nipped by frost

(2) of a season : advanced beyond what is usual : early

spring was very forward that year

b. of a female animal : far-advanced in pregnancy

bring only forward ewes into the lambing pen


(1) of an animal : large and well-grown for its age

fattening forward stocks for market

(2) of a two-year-old registered horse : born early in the year so that when officially two years old on January first it will be nearly three years old in chronological fact

the demand for forward two-year-olds necessitates a short breeding season … and the months most favorable for … regular ovulations are lost — Veterinary Bulletin


a. : moving, tending, or leading toward a position in front

picked her forward way down the cluttered aisle

checked a sudden forward movement of the dog with a word

b. : more nearly ahead of the extended line of the popping crease than usual — used of a cricket fieldsman or his position

forward short leg

forward point


a. : supporting or advocating an advanced policy or energetic action in the direction of what is considered progress

forward statesmen

a firm forward policy

b. : extreme , radical , ultra

on the forward fringe of liberalism

6. : of, relating to, or for the future : relating to or for future delivery

forward buying of produce

II. adverb

( sometimes -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English forewearde, from forweard, adjective

: to or toward what is before or in front: as

a. : toward, into, or through the future

from that time forward

looking forward to the time I retire

b. : in a forward direction

they went slowly forward through the mud

c. : to or into the fore part of a ship — opposed to aft

sent the sailors forward

d. : into prominence

he first came forward with the adoption of his control plan

the brush and rocks came forward as we approached and we saw it was no easy climb

e. : to the front of the church as a sign of conversion

came forward when the evangelist gave the invitation

went forward on the first evening of the revival

III. noun

( -s )

1. : the forepart of a ship


a. : one of the players in certain games (as soccer, hockey, basketball, or water polo) who is stationed at or relatively near the front of his side or team and whose chief duty is to carry on the offensive play — see volleyball illustration

b. : a defensive or offensive lineman in football — compare back I 5a

IV. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: forward (II)

1. : to help onward : advance , promote , hasten

forwarding the growth of a plant with proper lighting

his good work should forward him in rank


a. : to send forward : send toward the place of destination : transmit

I shall forward the bill of lading this afternoon

we will forward the goods on receipt of your check

b. : to send or ship onward from an intermediate post or station in transit (as from one carrier to another or from the post office of address to another)

left before your letter came but I forwarded it to her new address

prepared to receive and forward foreign shipments at minimum cost

3. : to perform on (a book) the construction operations following sewing

Synonyms: see advance , send

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