Meaning of SOIL in English


I. verb see: sit Date: 13th century transitive verb to stain or defile morally ; corrupt , pollute , to make unclean especially superficially ; dirty , to blacken or taint (as a person's reputation) by word or deed , intransitive verb to become ~ed or dirty, II. noun Date: 1501 1. ~age , stain , moral defilement ; corruption , something that spoils or pollutes: as, refuse , sewage , dung , excrement , III. noun see: sole Date: 14th century firm land ; earth , 2. the upper layer of earth that may be dug or plowed and in which plants grow, the superficial unconsolidated and usually weathered part of the mantle of a planet and especially of the earth, country , land , the agricultural life or calling, a medium in which something takes hold and develops, IV. transitive verb Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1605 to feed (livestock) in the barn or an enclosure with fresh grass or green food

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