Meaning of SOIL in English


1. n.1 the upper layer of earth in which plants grow, consisting of disintegrated rock usu. with an admixture of organic remains (alluvial soil; rich soil).

2 ground belonging to a nation; territory (on British soil).

Phrases and idioms:

soil mechanics the study of the properties of soil as affecting its use in civil engineering. soil science pedology.


soilless adj. soily adj.

Etymology: ME f. AF, perh. f. L solium seat, taken in sense of L solum ground 2. v. & n.

1. make dirty; smear or stain with dirt (soiled linen).

2 tarnish, defile; bring discredit to (would not soil my hands with it).


1. a dirty mark; a stain, smear, or defilement.

2 filth; refuse matter.

Phrases and idioms:

soil pipe the discharge-pipe of a lavatory.

Etymology: ME f. OF suiller, soiller, etc., ult. f. L sucula dimin. of sus pig 3. feed (cattle) on fresh-cut green fodder (orig. for purging).

Etymology: perh. f. SOIL(2)

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