Meaning of TAKE in English


I. verb (took; ~n; taking) Etymology: Middle English, from Old English tacan, from Old Norse taka; akin to Middle Dutch ~n to ~ Date: before 12th century transitive verb to get into one's hands or into one's possession, power, or control: as, to seize or capture physically , to get possession of (as fish or game) by killing or capturing, c. to move against (as an opponent's piece in chess) and remove from play, to win in a card game , to acquire by eminent domain, grasp , grip , 3. to catch or attack through the effect of a sudden force or influence , to catch or come upon in a particular situation or action , to gain the approval or liking of ; captivate , delight , 4. to receive into one's body (as by swallowing, drinking, or inhaling) , to put oneself into (as sun, air, or water) for pleasure or physical benefit, to par~ of ; eat , 5. to bring or receive into a relation or connection , to copulate with, to transfer into one's own keeping:, appropriate , to obtain or secure for use (as by lease, subscription, or purchase) , 7. assume , b. to enter into or under~ the duties of , to move onto or into ; move into position on , c. to bind oneself by , to make (a decision) especially with finality or authority, to impose upon oneself , e. to adopt as one's own , to align or ally oneself with , to assume as if rightfully one's own or as if granted , to accept the burden or consequences of , to have or assume as a proper part of or accompaniment to itself , 8. to secure by winning in competition , defeat , to pick out ; choose , select , to adopt, choose, or avail oneself of for use: as, to have recourse to as an instrument for doing something , to use as a means of transportation or progression , to have recourse to for safety or refuge , to go along, into, or through , e. to proceed to occupy , to use up (as space or time) , need , require , 11. to obtain by deriving from a source ; draw , b. to obtain as the result of a special procedure ; ascertain , to get in or as if in writing , to get by drawing or painting or by photography , to get by transference from one surface to another , to receive or accept whether willingly or reluctantly , a. to submit to ; endure , withstand , suffer , b. to accept as true ; believe , follow , to accept or regard with the mind in a specified way , to indulge in and enjoy , to receive or accept as a return (as in payment, compensation, or reparation) , to accept in a usually professional relationship, to refrain from hitting at (a pitched ball) , 13. a. to let in ; admit , accommodate , to be affected injuriously by (as a disease) ; contract , to absorb or become impregnated with (as dye), 14. apprehend , understand , consider , suppose , reckon , accept , feel , experience , 15. to lead, carry, or cause to go along to another place , to cause to move to a specified state, condition, or sphere of activity , to stop prescribing a specified regimen to, 16. remove , b. to put an end to (life), to remove by death , subtract , exact , 17. to under~ and make, do, or perform , to participate in , 18. to deal with , to consider or view in a particular relation , c. to apply oneself to the study of , to study for especially successfully , to obtain money from especially fraudulently , to pass or attempt to pass through, along, or over , intransitive verb to obtain possession: as, capture , to receive property under law as one's own, to lay hold ; catch , hold , to establish a ~ especially by uniting or growing , 4. to be~ oneself ; set out ; go , b. chiefly dialect — used as an intensifier or redundantly with a following verb 5. to ~ effect ; act , operate , to show the natural or intended effect , charm , captivate , detract , to be seized or attacked in a specified way ; become , ~r noun Synonyms: see: ~ II. noun Date: 1654 something that is ~n:, the amount of money received ; proceeds , receipts, income , share , cut , the number or quantity (as of animals, fish, or pelts) ~n at one time ; catch , haul , a section or installment done as a unit or at one time, e. a scene filmed or televised at one time without stopping the camera, a sound recording made during a single recording period, an act or the action of taking: as, the action of killing, capturing, or catching (as game or fish), b. the uninterrupted photographing or televising of a scene, the making of a sound recording, 3. a local or systemic reaction indicative of successful vaccination (as against smallpox), a successful union (as of a graft), a visible response or reaction (as to something unexpected) , a distinct or personal point of view, outlook, or assessment

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