Meaning of BLADE in English



Pronunciation: ' bl ā d

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English blæd; akin to Old High German blat leaf, Latin folium, Greek phyllon, Old English bl ō wan to blossom ― more at BLOW

Date: before 12th century

1 a : LEAF 1A(1) especially : the leaf of an herb or a grass b : the flat expanded part of a leaf as distinguished from the petiole

2 : something resembling the blade of a leaf: as a : the broad flattened part of an oar or paddle b : an arm of a screw propeller, electric fan, or steam turbine c : the broad flat or concave part of a machine (as a bulldozer or snowplow) that comes into contact with the material to be moved d : a broad flat body part specifically : SCAPULA ― used chiefly in naming cuts of meat e : the flat portion of the tongue immediately behind the tip also : this portion together with the tip

3 a : the cutting part of an implement b (1) : SWORD (2) : SWORDSMAN (3) : a dashing lively man c : the runner of an ice skate

– blade · like \ - ˌ l ī k \ adjective

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