Meaning of BLADE in English




a blade of grass (= a single piece of grass )

A few blades of grass poked out of the dry earth.

razor blade

shoulder blade

the blade of a knife

The blade of the knife cut cleanly through the rope.




The knife he slid towards her and into the butter had a menacingly long shadow blade .

The long blade was whipped by the rye stalks.

The long blades clashed and rang, their movement too fast for the eye to follow with certainty.

But police now know the murder weapon was a knife with a ten inch long blade .

Only then, as Rosten turned slightly, did Ben see the long , thin blade he held.

The raider's spear rested across the pommel of his saddle, first light glinting on its long , polished blade .

The long blade sang its death song, as it whirled in a gleaming figure-of-eight.

Large expanses of privet need a longer blade , and the extra cost will be offset by the time saved.


A spare mount had been brought and Victor was ordered, under the sharp blade of a Cossack sword, to mount.

I saw them passing enormous sheets of colored paper and cardboard through the sharp blade of humming, dangerous machinery.

Again, always use a very sharp blade to make any cuts.

He took a scalpel from the pocket of his jacket and slipped the plastic sheath off its sharp blade .

The once razor sharp blades have been replaced by wooden ones tipped with rubber.



All her life had been spent surrounded by grimy bricks with hardly a green grass blade in sight.

I can see wildflowers crouched among the blown grass blades .

The grass blades tore, but their initial resistance sent him stumbling backwards.

Even if the whole farm-very tree and grass blade of it dies.

That's not a hair the axeman says it's a silk thread, a grass blade , the moth's antennae.


Unease slides through my brain like an oily knife blade .

The underside of the handle is slotted to receive a knife blade which was riveted at the dolphin's tail.

Hold a knife blade over the housing and it goes all over the place, proving the point.

The 12in knife blade which was plunged into his buttock entered his abdominal cavity.

Blood oozed out of the meat and stained the carbon steel of the knife blade .

In the screaming, struggling melee, a knife blade in the wrong place was never noticed.

He had felt the knife blade turning in his gut as he had talked, and he acknowledged it.


Some species have green leaves , and others have distinctly colored leaf blades .

The whole leaf blade is moderately curved with curled margins.

The leaf blades are lanceolate to broadly lanceolate and the inflorescence is branching.

It closely resembles E. macrophyllus and like the latter has no pellucid markings in the leaf blades .

The leaf blades are lanceolate, ovate, round, or arrow-shaped.

Their petioles are almost white; leaf blades are irregularly decorated with green, yellow-green, and white spots.


A boy would have better opportunities - of doing that nasty trick with the razor blade , for example.

He turned off the cold water, picked up the razor blade and sat on the floor next to the tub.

Are all matches, razor blades and sharp implements out of reach?

I now remembered that I had put a razor blade under the insole of my shoe, and I removed it.

After removing the tape, pare away any surplus adhesive with a razor blade .

A razor blade or serrated knife will work well.

Two guards were attacked with a razor blade and slightly injured.

They were sharp as razor blades .


I roller blade and I am being taught to play hockey on roller blade.


The synthesised components of the molecule look and act like a rotor blade , propelling the molecule around.

There was also talk that these daredevils flew with their rotor blades overlapped by several feet, just for fun.

Dark mosquito shadows across the hilltops, rotor blades beating the air, stirring the ground, pressing down.

The grenade went up through the roof of my Huey, up through the spinning rotor blades .

I have found it to be a great help if the main rotor blades are covered with a glossy white material.

If you held the collective in flying position, the rotor blades would slow and stop.

At the time of writing, however, the ideal design of the main rotor blade was still to be established.

The disk formed by the rotor blades is what really flies.


Do not press on the spine or the shoulder blade itself.

When a player took a shot, I felt it through my shoulder blades .

Gobbets of pinkish-grey matter exploded from the exit wound below the right shoulder blade .

With wet clothes clinging to her back, she looked skeletal, her shoulder blades poking up like sharp crags.

Rotating skin on the shoulder blade 6.

Narrow shoulders , indeed the shoulder blades were pronounced and his chest was rectangular.

Place only the fingertips on the shoulder blade .



Some are also fitted with a blade break for safety.

Blend all ingredients in a food processor fitted with a metal blade .


A novel feature is the ability of the metal block to hold blades facing forwards or sideways.

The unique magnetic clamp which holds the blade in place has been specially developed and patented by Martek.


To help matters along, I used a new razor blade .

Again, always use a very sharp blade to make any cuts.

If they arrested me, I would use the razor blade to cut my veins.

He refused the offer of any sword, preferring to use the blade he had forged with his own hands.


a ceiling fan with wooden blades

a propeller blade

razor blades

The blade should be kept sharp.


A boy would have better opportunities - of doing that nasty trick with the razor blade , for example.

A covered walkway, already damp with footprints, led under the Midwest Highway that cut the city like a blade .

As the weight transferred to the Huey, the increased pitch of the blades slapped the air loudly.

But every drop that fell contained the promise of another leaf, another blossom, another blade of grass in the spring.

Do not press on the spine or the shoulder blade itself.

Only £9.99, including a spare blade set, from most craft shops.

Roasts are center cut, blade or rib end, and sirloin loin.

Some species have green leaves, and others have distinctly colored leaf blades.

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