Meaning of LIFE in English


n. low life

change of life

fact of life

get a life

good life

half life

kiss of life

larger than life

life and death

life or death

life belt

life buoy

life care

life cycle

life expectancy

life force

life form

life giving

life history

life insurance

life jacket

life list

life net

life of Riley

life of Reilly

life peer

life peerage

life preserver

life raft

life ring

life science

life scientist

life size

life sized

life span

life support

life support system

life table

life vest

life zone

philosophy of life

pro life

real life

right to life

shelf life

slice of life

staff of life

still life

tree of life

true life

whole life

Merriam Webster Collegiate English Dictionary.      Merriam Webster - Энциклопедический словарь английского языка.