Meaning of FALL in English


I. ˈfȯl verb

( fell ˈfel ; fall·en ˈfȯ-lən ; fall·ing )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English feallan; akin to Old High German fallan to fall and perhaps to Lithuanian pulti

Date: before 12th century

intransitive verb


a. : to descend freely by the force of gravity

b. : to hang freely

her hair fall s over her shoulders

c. : to drop oneself to a lower position

fell to his knees

d. : to come or go as if by falling

darkness fall s early in the winter

2. : to become born — usually used of lambs


a. : to become lower in degree or level

the temperature fell 10°

b. : to drop in pitch or volume

their voices fell to a whisper

c. : issue 1a, b

wisdom that fell from his lips

d. : to become lowered

her eyes fell


a. : to leave an erect position suddenly and involuntarily

slipped and fell on the ice

b. : to enter as if unawares : stumble , stray

fell into error

c. : to drop down wounded or dead ; especially : to die in battle

d. : to suffer military capture

after a long siege the city fell

e. : to lose office

the party fell from power

f. : to suffer ruin, defeat, or failure

the deal fell through

5. : to commit an immoral act ; especially : to lose one's chastity


a. : to move or extend in a downward direction

the land fall s away to the east

b. : subside , abate

the wind is fall ing

c. : to decline in quality, activity, or quantity

production fell off

d. : to lose weight — used with off or away

e. : to assume a look of shame, disappointment, or dejection

his face fell

f. : to decline in financial value or price

stocks fell sharply


a. : to occur at a certain time

her birthday fall s on a Monday this year

b. : to come by chance

a job that fell into his hands

c. : to come or pass by lot, assignment, or inheritance : devolve

it fell to him to break the news

d. : to have a certain or proper position, place, or station

the accent fall s on the second syllable

8. : to come within the limits, scope, or jurisdiction of something

this word fall s into the class of verbs

9. : to pass suddenly and passively into a state of body or mind or a new state or condition

fall asleep

fall in love

10. : to set about heartily or actively

fell to work

11. : strike , impinge

music fall ing on the ear

transitive verb

: fell 1

- fall all over oneself

- fall apart

- fall behind

- fall between two stools

- fall flat

- fall for

- fall from grace

- fall home

- fall into line

- fall on

- fall on one's face

- fall on one's sword

- fall short

II. noun

Date: 13th century

1. : the act of falling by the force of gravity


a. : a falling out, off, or away : dropping

the fall of leaves

a fall of snow

b. : the season when leaves fall from trees : autumn

c. : a thing or quantity that falls or has fallen

a fall of rock at the base of the cliff

especially : one or more meteorites or their fragments that have fallen together


(1) : birth

(2) : the quantity born — usually used of lambs


a. : a costume decoration of lace or thin fabric arranged to hang loosely and gracefully

b. : a very wide turned-down collar worn in the 17th century

c. : the part of a turnover collar from the crease to the outer edge

d. : a wide front flap on trousers (as those worn by sailors)

e. : the freely hanging lower edge of the skirt of a coat

f. : one of the three outer and often drooping segments of the flower of an iris

g. : long hair overhanging the face of dogs of some breeds

h. : a usually long straight portion of hair that is attached to a person's own hair

4. : a hoisting-tackle rope or chain ; especially : the part of it to which the power is applied


a. : loss of greatness : collapse

the fall of the Roman Empire

b. : the surrender or capture of a besieged place

the fall of Troy

c. : lapse or departure from innocence or goodness

d. : loss of a woman's chastity

e. : the blame for a failure or misdeed

took the fall for the robbery


a. : the downward slope (as of a hill) : declivity

b. : a precipitous descent of water : waterfall — usually used in plural but sing. or plural in constr.

c. : a musical cadence

d. : a falling-pitch intonation in speech

7. : a decrease in size, quantity, degree, or value


a. : the distance which something falls

b. : inclination , pitch


a. : the act of felling something

b. : the quantity of trees cut down


(1) : an act of forcing a wrestler's shoulders to the mat for a specified time (as one second)

(2) : a bout of wrestling

10. Scottish : destiny , lot

III. adjective

Date: 1677

: of, relating to, or suitable for autumn

a new fall coat

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.