Meaning of PRETTY in English


/ ˈprɪti; NAmE / adverb , adjective

■ adverb (with adjectives and adverbs)


to some extent; fairly :

I'm pretty sure I'll be going.

The game was pretty good.

It's pretty hard to explain.

I'm going to have to find a new apartment pretty soon.

➡ note at quite


very :

That performance was pretty impressive.

Things are looking pretty good!


- pretty much / well

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■ adjective ( pret·tier , pret·ti·est )


( especially of a woman, or a girl ) attractive without being very beautiful :

a pretty face

a pretty little girl

You look so pretty in that dress!

➡ note at beautiful


( of places or things ) attractive and pleasant to look at or to listen to without being large, beautiful or impressive :

pretty clothes

a pretty garden

a pretty name

►  pret·tily / ˈprɪtɪli; NAmE / adverb ( especially BrE ):

She laughed prettily.

The rooms are simply but prettily furnished.

►  pret·ti·ness noun [ U ]:

the prettiness of youth


- as pretty as a picture

- not just a pretty face

- not a pretty sight

- a pretty penny

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Old English prættig ; related to Middle Dutch pertich brisk, clever, obsolete Dutch prettig humorous, sporty, from a West Germanic base meaning trick. The sense development deceitful, cunning, clever, skilful, admirable, pleasing, nice has parallels in adjectives such as canny, fine, nice , etc.

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