Meaning of FRONT in English

n. 1 face, façade, facing, fore-part, anterior; obverse The front of the door has a painting on it This dress buttons up the front. 2 frontage, forefront The front of the property measures only 40 feet 3 beginning, head, fore, vanguard, forefront, van At the front of the parade marched the mayor 4 bearing, demeanour, mien, air, face, countenance, façade, mask, expression, show, appearance, aspect, look, exterior Despite her grief, she put on a brave front at the wake 5 disguise, cover, guise, mask, cover-up, show, pretext, façade The restaurant was merely a front for a narcotics operation 6 movement, organization, league, bloc, party, group, faction, wing A new popular front was formed out of a coalition of several opposition groups 7 haughtiness, overconfidence, effrontery He frightens away potential clients by showing so much front 8 in front. first, leading, ahead, to the fore, in the forefront, in the vanguard or van, in advance, in the lead, before; winning In this picture the man in front is my father My horse was in front all the way. 9 upfront. a See 8, above. b open, straightforward, honest, direct, forthright, frank, candid Why can't you be upfront instead of conspiring against me?

adj. 10 first, advance, foremost, leading, head; main The front carriage was smashed in the train wreck Enter by the front door.

v. 11 overlook, face, look out on or towards, be opposite Our house fronts the river The flat fronts on the street. 12 front for. act for, represent; substitute for, replace I hate formal affairs and hoped that you might front for me

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