Meaning of FRONT in English

/frunt/ , n.

1. the foremost part or surface of anything.

2. the part or side of anything that faces forward: the front of a jacket.

3. the part or side of anything, as a building, that seems to look out or to be directed forward: He sat in the front of the restaurant.

4. any side or face, as of a building.

5. a façade, considered with respect to its architectural treatment or material: a cast-iron front.

6. a property line along a street or the like: a fifty-foot front.

7. a place or position directly before anything: We decided to plant trees in the front.

8. a position of leadership in a particular endeavor or field: She rose to the front of her profession.

9. Mil.

a. the foremost line or part of an army.

b. a line of battle.

c. the place where combat operations are carried on.

10. an area of activity, conflict, or competition: news from the business front.

11. land facing a road, river, etc.

12. Brit. a promenade along a seashore.

13. Informal. a distinguished person listed as an official of an organization, for the sake of prestige, and who is usually inactive.

14. a person or thing that serves as a cover or disguise for some other activity, esp. one of a secret, disreputable, or illegal nature; a blind: The store was a front for foreign agents.

15. outward impression of rank, position, or wealth.

16. bearing or demeanor in confronting anything: a calm front.

17. haughtiness; self-importance: That clerk has the most outrageous front.

18. the forehead, or the entire face: the statue's gracefully chiseled front.

19. a coalition or movement to achieve a particular end, usually political: the people's front.

20. something attached or worn at the breast, as a shirt front or a dickey: to spill gravy down one's front.

21. Meteorol. an interface or zone of transition between two dissimilar air masses.

22. Theat.

a. the auditorium.

b. the business offices of a theater.

c. the front of the stage; downstage.

23. in front , in a forward place or position: Sit down, you in front!

24. in front of ,

a. ahead of: to walk in front of a moving crowd.

b. outside the entrance of: to wait in front of a house.

c. in the presence of: to behave badly in front of company.

25. out front ,

a. outside the entrance: He's waiting out front.

b. ahead of competitors: This advertising campaign ought to put our business way out front.

c. Theat. in the audience or auditorium.

d. Informal. candidly; frankly: Say what you mean out front.

26. up front , Informal.

a. in advance; before anything else: You'll have to make a payment of $5,000 up front.

b. frank; open; direct: I want you to be up front with me.


27. of or pertaining to the front.

28. situated in or at the front: front seats.

29. Phonet. (of a speech sound) articulated with the tongue blade relatively far forward in the mouth, as the sounds of lay.


30. to have the front toward; face: Our house fronts the lake.

31. to meet face to face; confront.

32. to face in opposition, hostility, or defiance.

33. to furnish or supply a front to: to front a building with sandstone.

34. to serve as a front to: A long, sloping lawn fronted their house.

35. Informal. to provide an introduction to; introduce: a recorded message that is fronted with a singing commercial.

36. to lead (a jazz or dance band).

37. Phonet. to articulate (a speech sound) at a position farther front in the mouth.

38. Ling. to move (a constituent) to the beginning of a clause or sentence.


39. to have or turn the front in some specified direction: Our house fronts on the lake.

40. to serve as a cover or disguise for another activity, esp. something of a disreputable or illegal nature: The shop fronts for a narcotics ring.


41. (used to call or command someone to come, look, etc., to the front, as in an order to troops on parade or in calling a hotel bellboy to the front desk): Front and center, on the double!

[ 1250-1300; ME frount, front front- (s. of frons ) forehead, brow, front ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .