Meaning of PART in English

n. 1 piece, portion, division, allotment, share, percentage, participation, interest; parcel, fragment, scrap, shard; some I bought a part of the company when it was available I want no part of the deal now. 2 portion, component, factor, constituent, element, ingredient A part of her problem is that she doesn't speak Japanese 3 role, function, duty, responsibility, share; say, voice, influence, participation, involvement, business Every man must do his part Don't thank me! I had no part in your getting the contract. 4 role, character He plays the part of Tweedledum in the school play 5 side, interest, cause, behalf, faction, party Which part did you support in the argument? No explanation has been offered on either part 6 neighbourhood, quarter, section, district, region, area, corner, vicinity, vicinage, Colloq neck of the woods I come from the same part of the country as you 7 piece, portion, segment, section; department, division, component, unit Which part of the turkey do you prefer? In which part of the company do you work? 8 for the most part mostly, generally, usually, mainly, in the main, by and large, on the whole, chiefly, principally, essentially, for all practical purposes, to all intents and purposes, in most cases or instances The shops are for the most part closed on Sunday 9 in part. partly, partially, to some extent or degree, in some measure, relatively, comparatively, somewhat He is himself in part responsible for the present state of affairs 10 on the part of (someone) or on (someone's or one's) part. by, on or US also in behalf of, (as) for, as regards, as far as (someone) is concerned, in the name of, for the sake of, in support of Tyrannical acts on the part of the king were not condoned For my part, I want nothing to do with it. 11 take (a) part (in). participate (in), join (in), be (a) party to, play a part or role (in), be involved (in or with), associate oneself (with), have or take a hand in, partake (of), contribute (to) Why insist that she take part in your nefarious plot? People began to sing, but she didn't feel like taking part

v. 12 separate, part company, split up, go his or her (or their) separate way(s), break up, say or bid goodbye (or adieu, etc.); leave, depart, go (away or off) We parted on the best of terms 13 separate, divide, put or pull apart, put asunder I saw a pale hand part the curtains for a brief moment A fool and his money are soon parted. 14 part with. give up, yield, relinquish, release, sacrifice, forgo, renounce, forsake, let go, surrender I doubt that you'll persuade Rover to part with his bone

adj. 15 partial, fractional, limited Ronald is a part owner of the company

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