Meaning of REACH in English


v. 1 Often, reach out. hold out, extend, stretch (out), stick out, thrust out, outstretch, outreach He reached out his hand and graped mine warmly 2 arrive at, get to, come to, go to, end up at or in; land at or in, Colloq make (it to) I won't reach the office till noon today Have we reached the point of no return? 3 get, get in touch with, communicate with, establish or make contact with, get through to, get (a) hold of I tried to reach her at home, but she was out 4 attain, achieve, accomplish, make, get or go to, get or go as far as Do you think that McClintock will reach the semi-finals? 5 come or go or get up to, amount to, attain, climb to, rise to, run to, equal, match It looks as though the trade deficit might reach last year's figure 6 get through or across to, register with, communicate with, reach into the mind of, impress, influence, sway, move, stir, carry weight with It is very difficult for teachers to reach teenagers, who have a natural suspicion of adults

n. 7 range, ambit, scope, orbit, compass, sphere, territory Those outlying areas are beyond our reach Padua is within easy reach of Venice. 8 capability, capacity Tragedy often occurs when one's ambition exceeds one's reach

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