Meaning of STICK in English


v. 1 pierce, thrust, stab, transfix, pin, spike, impale, spear, spit, run through, poke, gore, jab, prick, puncture, punch, penetrate, drill, bore, riddle, perforate He stuck the wild boar with his spear 2 put, drop, place, deposit, Colloq shove, plonk, plunk, plop Stick another ice cube in my drink, would you? 3 put, poke, push, thrust, prod, dig; insert She stuck her head out of the window to get a better look Stop sticking your finger in my ribs! 4 attach, fasten, affix, fix, nail, pin, tack; glue, cement, paste, gum, weld, solder, bind, tie, tape, wire; bond, melt, fuse, unite, join What shall we used to stick the poster to the wall? How can I stick the pieces of the vase together again? 5 Often, stick together cohere, adhere, stay or remain or cleave or cling together I cannot make these parts stick together 6 hold, last, endure, go through, be upheld, be or remain effective, remain attached The prosecutor was unable to make a charge of murder stick 7 linger, dwell, remain (fixed), continue, stay; be or become lodged or stopped or fixed or fast or immovable or stationary, be or become entangled or enmired or bogged down Something sticks in my mind about your leaving next week We were stuck in the Sunday traffic for hours. The wheel is stuck in the sand. 8 burden, weigh down, encumber, saddle with, charge, impose on, force on We stuck Tony with the nasty job of changing the tyre 9 baffle, puzzle, bewilder, perplex, confuse, stump, stop, nonplus I was totally stuck for a solution 10 stand, abide, tolerate, endure, bear I can't stick people watching me while I am painting 11 stick around or about. wait, tarry, linger, stay, stand by, remain, Colloq hang around or about or on Can you stick around for a few minutes after the meeting? 12 stick at stop at, hesitate at, pause at, scruple at, be deterred or put off by, take exception to, shrink from or at, balk at Barnes sticks at nothing to get his way 13 stick by. support, be loyal or faithful to, stand by Arnold will stick by you, come what may 14 stick it (out). persevere, persist, stand fast, bear it, be resolute, soldier on, hold (one's) ground, grin and bear it, see it through, weather it, Colloq US tough it out It was a very hard job, but I stuck it out to the very end 15 stick out or up. protrude, jut (out), extend, project, poke (out); bulge, obtrude, stand out, overhang, beetle Stick out your tongue What is sticking out of your ear? Balconies stick out from all sides of the building. 16 stick together. a unite, unify, join (forces), consolidate, merge, confederate, amalgamate, cooperate, work together The family always sticks together at times of crisis b See 5, above. 17 stick up. a rob, mug, Colloq hold up, US heist They stuck up a bank courier this morning, in broad daylight! b put up, post, affix, display We went round town sticking up posters for our candidate 18 stick up for. rally to the support of, support, stand by or up for, defend, speak for or in behalf of, take up the cudgels for; put one's money where one's mouth is, have the courage of one's convictions A person must stick up for what he thinks is right 19 stick with. persevere, persist, stay or remain or continue with, not change one's mind about Stick with me, kid, and you'll wear diamonds I'll stick with the smoked eel as a starter.

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