Meaning of STICK in English


1. n.1 a a short slender branch or length of wood broken or cut from a tree. b this trimmed for use as a support or weapon.

2 a thin rod or spike of wood etc. for a particular purpose (cocktail stick).

3 a an implement used to propel the ball in hockey or polo etc. b (in pl.) the raising of the stick above the shoulder in hockey.

4 a gear lever.

5 a conductor's baton.

6 a a slender piece of a thing, e.g. celery, dynamite, deodorant, etc. b a number of bombs or paratroops released rapidly from aircraft.

7 (often prec. by the) punishment, esp. by beating.

8 colloq. adverse criticism; censure, reproof (took a lot of stick).

9 colloq. a piece of wood as part of a house or furniture (a few sticks of furniture).

10 colloq. a person, esp. one who is dull or unsociable (a funny old stick).

11 (in pl.; prec. by the) colloq. remote rural areas.

12 (in pl.) Austral. sl. goalposts.

13 Naut. sl. a mast or spar.

Phrases and idioms:

stick insect any usu. wingless female insect of the family Phasmidae with a twiglike body. up sticks colloq. go to live elsewhere.


stickless adj. sticklike adj.

Etymology: OE sticca f. WG 2. v. (past and past part. stuck)

1. tr. (foll. by in, into, through) insert or thrust (a thing or its point) (stuck a finger in my eye; stick a pin through it).

2 tr. insert a pointed thing into; stab.

3 tr. & intr. (foll. by in, into, on, etc.) a fix or be fixed on a pointed thing. b fix or be fixed by or as by a pointed end.

4 tr. & intr. fix or become or remain fixed by or as by adhesive etc. (stick a label on it; the label won't stick).

5 intr. endure; make a continued impression (the scene stuck in my mind; the name stuck).

6 intr. lose or be deprived of the power of motion or action through adhesion or jamming or other impediment.

7 colloq. a tr. put in a specified position or place, esp. quickly or haphazardly (stick them down anywhere). b intr. remain in a place (stuck indoors).

8 colloq. a intr. (of an accusation etc.) be convincing or regarded as valid (could not make the charges stick). b tr. (foll. by on) place the blame for (a thing) on (a person).

9 tr. colloq. endure, tolerate (could not stick it any longer).

10 tr. (foll. by at) colloq. persevere with.

Phrases and idioms:

be stuck for be at a loss for or in need of. be stuck on colloq. be infatuated with. be stuck with colloq. be unable to get rid of or escape from; be permanently involved with. get stuck in (or into) sl. begin in earnest. stick around colloq. linger; remain at the same place. stick at it colloq. persevere. stick at nothing allow nothing, esp. no scruples, to deter one. stick by (or with or to) stay loyal or close to. stick 'em up! colloq. hands up! stick fast adhere or become firmly fixed or trapped in a position or place. stick in one's gizzard see GIZZARD. sticking-plaster an adhesive plaster for wounds etc. sticking-point the limit of progress, agreement, etc. stick-in-the-mud colloq. an unprogressive or old-fashioned person. stick in one's throat be against one's principles. stick it on sl.

1. make high charges.

2 tell an exaggerated story. stick it out colloq. put up with or persevere with a burden etc. to the end. stick one's neck (or chin) out expose oneself to censure etc. by acting or speaking boldly. stick out protrude or cause to protrude or project (stuck his tongue out; stick out your chest). stick out for persist in demanding. stick out a mile (or like a sore thumb) colloq. be very obvious or incongruous. stick pigs engage in pigsticking. stick to 1 remain close to or fixed on or to.

2 remain faithful to.

3 keep to (a subject etc.) (stick to the point). stick to a person's fingers colloq. (of money) be embezzled by a person. stick together colloq. remain united or mutually loyal. stick to one's guns see GUN. stick to it persevere. stick to one's last see LAST(3).

stick up

1. be or make erect or protruding upwards.

2 fasten to an upright surface.

3 colloq. rob or threaten with a gun. stick-up n. colloq. an armed robbery. stick up for support or defend or champion (a person or cause). stick up to be assertive in the face of; offer resistance to. stick with colloq. remain in touch with or faithful to. stuck-up colloq. affectedly superior and aloof, snobbish.


stickability n.

Etymology: OE stician f. Gmc

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