Meaning of AGE in English


n. & v.


1. a the length of time that a person or thing has existed or is likely to exist. b a particular point in or part of one's life, often as a qualification (old age; voting age).

2 a colloq. (often in pl.) a long time (took an age to answer; have been waiting for ages). b a distinct period of the past (golden age; Bronze age; Middle Ages). c Geol. a period of time. d a generation.

3 the latter part of life; old age (the peevishness of age).

--v. (pres. part. ageing, aging)

1. intr. show signs of advancing age (has aged a lot recently).

2 intr. grow old.

3 intr. mature.

4 tr. cause or allow to age.

Phrases and idioms:

age-long lasting for a very long time. age of consent see CONSENT. age of discretion see DISCRETION. age-old having existed for a very long time. come of age reach adult status (esp. in Law at 18, formerly 21). over age

1. old enough.

2 too old. under age not old enough, esp. not yet of adult status.

Etymology: ME f. OF ult. f. L aetas -atis age

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